Rumours: Mercedes-Benz to Invest in Aston Martin

Nedzad April 5, 2008

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Unconfirmed reports from well-placed sources in Germany suggest that Mercedes Benz is looking to buy a substantial stake in Aston Martin.

Rumours of a potential tie-up between the two premium marques originally emerged from Kuwait in February. Adham Charonoglu, of Aston’s Kuwaiti majority shareholder DAR, suggested that Aston and Mercedes could collaborate on a range of ventures, from engine supply to entirely new models.

It now seems that Mercedes-Benz is taking a much more serious interest. And there is a business link; the Kuwaiti Investment Authority hold a seven per cent stake in Daimler AG.

Such a move could also help to secure Aston’s long-term future. A small company like Aston needs to buy in major components from a major automotive brand like Mercedes to remain financially viable.

We know the next generation Mercedes SL will switch to a lightweight aluminium platform, presenting an obvious opportunity for Aston Martin to collaborate with Mercedes to develop new models – sharing platforms, expertise and technology.

Mercedes-Benz’s current association with McLaren ends next year when the SLR goes out of production. This leaves the path clear Merc to start a new association with a British supercar maker.


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  1. I have owned 2 Mercedes and the one in my driveway now is a 1991 model ! I think Mercedes is the best car EVER made ! The turning radius is WONDERFUL !!! Can turn it on a dime !! I just wanted to add that the best advertising for Mercedes has already been done. The couple that won the lottery and was asked”what are you going to buy”…The man answered and said he was going to buy a new truck and a new Lexus for his wife. The ONLY thing the wife said throughout the interview was…”I want a MERCEDES, not a Lexus ….

    If yous use idea for a commercial…would LOVE a new Mercedes myself ! No other car like it >>>the best in the world !!!

  2. Now that’s interesting… I’m glad I found this. I’m a huge fan of the Aston Martin line (V-12 Vanquish!). I’ll have to keep an eye out for this in the news.

  3. Yippee Yoo Yi. Hey chiefie, it’s your old friend from Visible. Looks like your blog is doing pretty well. Send me an email using the address and we can discuss strategizations

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