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Giancarlo Perlas January 10, 2024

Mercedes-AMG just unveiled a team-up with popular artist and entrepreneur as they introduced the MBUX Sound Drive at the Consumer and Electronics Show (CES) 2024. The groundbreaking technology offers an immersive musical experience set to transform the way users perceive in-car audio. The platform syncs music with driving dynamics to essentially turn the vehicle into an interactive musical instrument.

A Symphony on Wheels

The core of MBUX Sound Drive lies in its advanced software that integrates the car’s movements with musical rhythms. Whether it’s acceleration, steering, or braking, every action of the vehicle fitted with it like the Mercedes-AMG EQE Sedan or EQE SUV translates into a unique musical note, offering drivers a chance to ‘compose’ their soundtrack in real-time.

This symbiosis of motion and music not only elevates the driving experience but also adds an emotional depth to every journey.

The Vision of Digital Innovation

Markus Schäfer, a Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG and the Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to digital innovation that delights customers. He highlighted how MBUX Sound Drive puts drivers in the conductor’s seat, reshaping in-car entertainment into something more engaging and personalized.

“At Mercedes-Benz, we want digital innovation to bring a smile to our customers’ faces through exciting new features that make a real difference to every journey,” said Schäfer. “With MBUX Sound Drive, AMG drivers are in control of the way their music sounds. It makes in-car entertainment much more immersive.”

Similarly, expressed his excitement over the technology’s potential to revolutionize music creation and listening experiences, envisioning a world where cars serve as instruments for musical exploration.

“I’m excited to see how composers, producers, and songwriters will harness this to create new works and reimagine classics for motorist to drive to,” remarked “MBUX Sound Drive is not only a new frontier for music creation, but also opens up fresh, exciting and interactive listening experiences for drivers.”

From Concept to Reality: The Collaboration

This latest venture marks a new chapter in the ongoing collaboration between Mercedes-AMG and Drawing on his expertise as a record producer, played a key role in conceptualizing an interactive musical experience that bridges studio creativity with on-the-road dynamism.

The result is an innovative fusion of automotive hardware and music software, creating a responsive, real-time audio experience based on the car’s driving characteristics.

Open Platform for Global Artists

Looking beyond the immediate appeal of MBUX Sound Drive, there’s a broader vision to establish it as an open music platform. This ambitious plan aims to invite artists worldwide to contribute and create tracks in various genres using the system’s studio software, thereby expanding the scope of this technology to encompass a global music community.

Experiencing MBUX Sound Drive at CES

To showcase the capabilities of MBUX Sound Drive, Mercedes-AMG offered exclusive test drives at CES 2024, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in this unique audio experience. Attendees had the opportunity to experience the technology firsthand in either a Mercedes-AMG EQE Sedan or EQE SUV.

Global Rollout and Accessibility

The global rollout of MBUX Sound Drive is scheduled to start in mid-2024 for Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with the second-generation MBUX system. Existing Mercedes customers can update their systems via an over-the-air (OTA) update, accessible through the Update Wizard on the MBUX display or the Mercedes me app.

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