Mansory Unveils Exquisite Upgrade for the Garia Supersport Golf Cart

Giancarlo Perlas May 18, 2023

Setting its sights on the realm of golf carts, renowned luxury car tuner Mansory has once again raised the bar with its flamboyant and extravagant upgrade for the Garia Supersport golf cart. With an unrelenting pursuit of attention-grabbing aesthetics, Mansory has transformed the Supersport into a head-turning masterpiece that combines style, opulence, and performance.

The new Mansory Garia Supersoft golf cart (Photo Source: Mansory)

Golf Cart with a Fusion of Luxury and Performance

Mansory’s transformation of the Garia Supersport golf cart is a testament to its unrivaled craftsmanship. Employing high-end materials and its signature touch, the tuner has created a true fusion of luxury and performance for the vehicle.

The golf cart’s exterior features forged carbon bodywork, showcasing a stunning weave pattern reminiscent of hypercars. With a custom front grille, fender extensions, and turquoise accents, the Supersport exudes an unparalleled level of extravagance.

Exquisite Interior Comfort

The Garia Supersport came from the minds of people at the Mercedes-Benz Style division back in 2016. That’s why it radiates an aura of luxury in its design.

With Mansory’s touch, the exposed cabin of the golf cart now boasts exquisite turquoise leather upholstery, adorned with the special logo of the Mercedes tuner on the seats and matching seatbelts. The dashboard is meticulously covered in the same lavish material, creating a cohesive and opulent ambiance. Likewise, it is equipped with a 10.1-inch infotainment system, a roof-mounted Bluetooth audio system, and a refrigerated compartment to offer a blend of modern convenience and refined elegance.

Unleashing Style on the Green

While the Garia Supersport may not be a speed demon, it commands attention on the golf course. The electric motor generates 11 horsepower, allowing for a top speed of 43 mph (70 km/h) in Europe and 25 mph (40 km/h) in the US.

With a range of up to 50 miles (81 km) on a single charge, the Supersport effortlessly glides through fairways, ensuring an enjoyable and efficient golfing experience.

Tailored to Buyer’s Tastes

Mansory understands that personalization is key to luxury. Therefore, customers have the freedom to choose their desired materials for both the exterior and interior modifications, ensuring a truly bespoke creation.

From unique paint finishes to premium upholstery options, the famous Mercedes tuner caters to individual preferences, making each Supersport a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Final Thoughts on the Garia Supersoft Golf Cart

Mansory’s collaboration with the Garia Supersport golf cart has resulted in a remarkable vehicle that transcends the boundaries of traditional golf carts. By infusing its expertise in luxury car tuning, Mansory has elevated the Supersport to unprecedented levels of style, opulence, and performance.

Embodying flamboyant design language and uncompromising attention to detail, the Mansory-upgraded Garia Supersport is a statement piece for those seeking exclusivity on and off the golf course.

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