How to Bet on Car Racing Like F1, DTM, NASCAR, and Other Motorsports

Giancarlo Perlas November 5, 2021

Online betting is becoming more and more popular. People of all ages enjoy the thrill of betting on their favorite sport. If you happen to love Formula One or DTM, and you want to learn how to bet on car racing, here’s a guide.

Car racing is one of the most popular types of betting around the globe. That is why Mercedes is investing a lot into major motorsport events like the F1 and DTM.

Wagering on car racing engages both established bettors and newcomers, especially those looking for thrill and enthusiasm.?The betting discipline is being modernized with online betting. These days people of all age groups participate for some real action. 

Look for Leading Racing Contests

Auto racing lovers can choose from many types of racing. Formula1, NASCAR,?and Indy cars are among them. Formula1 is the number one racing competition in the world. Some of the iconic vehicles from Formula 1 are Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes AMG.?In 2013, Mercedes revealed a new Formula 1 car which is now a strong competitor to other cars and has gained numerous championships. 

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is famous for its long tradition. The first race was in 1948, and the sport quickly became the most popular in the country.

IndyCar is another authorized sports betting competition in the US, and it is famous for its four series. All these competitions led to The Road to Indy – one of the most traditional races globally.

Choose Online Betting Sites

Numerous online betting sites allow you to safely bet on car racing. A pro site like is one of the best online betting sites. It has a hassle-free betting process, as you only need to create an account to bet on your favorite car racer. 

After this, just fund your car racing account.?Make sure you find trusted and reliable betting sites to bet on car racing.

Land-Based Sportsbook

The sportsbook location is generally in casinos, where it is legal for the wager to place bets. A bettor must provide information on the type of bet, the kind of race, and the betting amount. Both online and offline betting can be exciting and entertaining. But online betting on some types of sports has witnessed a rise due to the prevailing pandemic.

Understand the Types of Wagers

There are many types of wagers with specific rules. Understanding all types of sports betting is important if you’re serious about the game. So, let’s discuss some popular ones:

Race Winners

It is the simplest bet out there, where you have to choose the winner. In case you are correct, then you’ll take the winning money home.

Props Bets

Prop bet is a little unusual but tests your knowledge of the game. You can also predict who will win the championship or the number of caution flags in the race. Prop bet varies on different platforms of car betting.

Podium Finish

This type of bet gives you hope till the very last moment of the car race. But, first, you have to choose who will be the winner, the first runner up, and the second runner up. The podium finish refers to the celebration of the top-three on the podium.

Tips for Car Racing Bets

  • The location of the tracks alters the performance majorly. Study the records for more successful betting. 
  • Study weather conditions. Some drivers have a history of not doing well in a particular temperature. 
  • Research is the key to successful betting. Study all the factors, and gradually you will master the art of betting.

Auto betting is becoming more and more prevalent both offline and online. The thrill is unmatchable, and you learn by risking a little. 

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