Understanding Your Mercedes-Benz Car Catalyst Functions and Significance

Giancarlo Perlas May 26, 2020

A catalytic converter is a special device that is widely used in modern automobiles. This stuff is installed in the car exhaust system, and its main function is decreasing exhaust toxicity.

Modern cars have one problem though—producing too much carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, only a few drivers fully realize the significance of a catalytic converter. Many say that this device is too expensive because it is made of rare metals (palladium, rhodium, and platinum), and it needs occasional repairing, especially when fuel quality is low.

How a Catalytic Converter Works

Automobiles produce not only carbon dioxide as we used to think. When car emissions get into the air, other chemical combinations appear and some of them are extremely harmful. New substances arise comprised of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, Volatile Organic Compounds, and some hydrocarbons. These things are really poisonous.

Carbon monoxide, for example, is well-known for its ability to cause a greenhouse effect while doctors say that Volatile Organic Compounds are one of the causes of cancer. Some of these chemicals can lead to new health and environmental problems when getting to the atmosphere.

Another example, due to the high temperatures in the engine oxygen and nitrogen, they react with each other in a specific way to give birth to new harmful substances—nitrous oxides. They can in turn cause acid rains. And under the influence of sun rays, the hazardous mixture turns into smog. which is a real nightmare of big cities.

Installing a catalytic converter is one of the ways of reducing the harmful impact of these poisonous car emissions. 

Installing such a neutralizer is one of two possible ways of getting rid of these harmful substances. Another is to choose improved engine technologies and opt for an upgraded engine. However, even the most perfect engine of today produces a certain percentage of dangerous pollutants. And a catalytic converter can really correct the situation for the better.

The essential function of a catalytic converter is neutralizing hazardous chemical reactions while the car engine is working. As the name of this device suggests, it converts the above-mentioned harmful substances into much less hazardous ones.

It provides space and conditions for catalyzing reactions. As a result, instead of the above-mentioned hazardous chemicals, carbon dioxide and water vapor occur. Under the influence of very high temperatures in a catalytic converter, noble metals contained in the emissions gradually burn out. Ultimately, the percentage of harmful substances in exhaust fumes is greatly reduced, and there is less environmental damage. 

Remember, the catalytic converter must not be exhausted. It must be properly disposed of or sold to those who can do it for you. You can find out prices and get the best deals for them at

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