Mercedes-Benz Cars Wrecked and Torched by Protesters in Oakland

Giancarlo Perlas June 1, 2020

The death of George Floyd in the hands of a Minnesota police officer while pinned down violently has certainly sparked outrage in the United States, which resulted in civil unrest as of late. However, things seemed to get out of control recently when the protests turned violent.

Criminal elements have taken advantage of the situation and photos of riots, vandalism, and looting within the US are now circulating online. One of the establishments robbed included a Louis Vitton store, and if you cringed at the sight of that, check out the photos of the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Oakland, California as hooligans laid waste on the luxury cars displayed there.

As seen in the videos and photos, numerous rioters broke into the dealership. The thugs started spray painting, wrecking and burning cars during the onslaught. Some of the premium cars seen in the images include the C-Class, CLA, and GLE. The most painful thing to watch though was the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe getting set on fire.

While we couldn’t blame the heightened emotions of the people because of the injustices that their own law enforcement officers have committed towards them, especially to the black community over the years, and they certainly have the right to have their voices heard in the streets, there is no justification for destroying establishments and trumping others’ properties or businesses. Such acts only show that the rioters are no better than the oppressors that they are against.

We hope that everyone will arrive at a peaceful resolution with regard to the matter soon and that justice will be served to Floyd as well as the other victims of police brutality. Our hearts go with their families and the people who are sincerely sympathizing with them, but such barbaric and uncivilized actions being shown here have to stop now.

Screenshots from ABC News Instagram post

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