BMW M4, Audi RS7, Mercedes C63 AMG: Inline-6 Vs V8s

Giancarlo Perlas June 14, 2015
mercedes c63 amg vs bmw m4

The BMW M4 takes on the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe. Which car will you bet on?

Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi represent German car engineering at its best. The video uploaded by DragtimesInfo in YouTube will let you see the BMW M4 in drag race—taking on the Audi RS7 and Mercedes C63 AMG in separate races.

It should be noted that all the cars here have been tuned. The BMW M4 received a Custom Stage 2 tuning that gave it an output of 550 hp. That’s around 125 hp more than its stock power unit. There was no mention of its torque, but its original engine configuration possessed a 550 Nm moment of force.

The power units of the Audi RS7 and the Mercedes C63 AMG were both tweaked to deliver 700 hp. Again, there was no information on the Audi’s torque but its stock has around 700 Nm. The Mercedes on the other hand has 600 Nm of torque in its original specs.

Based on the said numbers, the Audi is expected to give the best result in the two separate one-on-one races against the BMW. The Merc also has a likelihood of gaining a big gap versus the Bimmer in the finish.

See the video below to find out how the Audi and Mercedes performed against the BMW:

The Results (Spoiler Alert)

The first race displayed the M4 against the RS7. Surprisingly, the BMW won despite the numbers stacked against it.

The next race was the M4 versus the C63 AMG. The Mercedes won here, yet the BMW was just a split-second away from it at the finish line.

Well, you’ve got to hand this one over to the M4 because even if it was 200 hp less than its rivals, it managed to beat the RS7 and nearly gained an upset victory over the C63 AMG.

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