Electric Scooter from smart Slated for 2014

Ryan Joseph Ramos July 8, 2013


Daimler is going to try expanding the smart product line once again, this time with an electric scooter that’s set to bolster the brand in 2014. The new product is seen as something that not only ties up with the company’s goals, but also as something that can perk up smart’s earning power.

In terms of sales figures and earnings, smart isn’t exactly the cash cow among Daimler’s many divisions. With losses adding up to around 1.5 billion euros ($1.93 billion) since 1998, it’s important to expand the product range. The electric scooter will also help solidify smart’s status as a specialist for city transport, since allows the brand to diversify away from just cars.

“Smart is Daimler’s answer to the challenges of today’s megacities,” said Annette Winkler, who heads smart.

The scooter would open up new markets for the smart brand, not only for the type of transport itself, but also to the different application of laws as far as scooters and bikes are concerned. The brand already presented a study concept for the escooter (pictured above) a couple of years back.

In addition to the scooter, there’s also the dependable ForTwo, and showrooms could also house a four-seater from the division by 2014 as well.

After experiencing considerable failures with previous automotive variants, like a roadster version released back in 2005, there’s really not much wiggle room left for the green city-car brand. The upcoming models smart is planning to release in the near future could very well spell the fate of the brand. Analysts are seeing product line expansions as risky endeavors for the brand at this point.

Of course, there’s still the fairly well-received car2go carsharing service that uses smart vehicles, so it’s probably not time to worry about smart just yet.

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