Get Car Magnets for Your Mercedes-Benz

Ryan Joseph Ramos June 19, 2012

If you own a Mercedes-Benz and want to use your ride to advertise your business, chances are that you’ll be thinking twice or even thrice before you let someone put decals or wrap on your precious car. If you want to enjoy the advantages of wrap advertising without radically changing your car, or if you want your ride to double as a business car while still ready for personal use, then car magnets are perfect for you.

Since magnets simply attach to your car doors or wherever you want it on the body, you can add anything you want and it won’t be permanent. In addition, unlike paint, vinyl decals, or car wraps, they’re much less likely to get some dings and dents on the finish of your ride.

You can have custom car magnets made to show an advertisement for your store or to advertise practically any business. The best part is, since the magnets aren’t glued or wrapped onto your vehicle, you can just take it off later if you’re off to a date or some other personal thing. You can also get some other stuff on your car magnet, such as greetings for special occasions or to promote a cause that you’re advocating.

Car magnet advertising is perfect for people who want the high recall rate associated with wrap advertising, with the added benefit of reverting back to a pristine personal car once you’re done promoting anything. You can still show off your shiny Benz and people won’t know you’ve been driving around town with an ad plastered on your doors the whole day. Try out door magnets for cars here, you’ll see just how effective they can be.

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