ADAC AutoMarx Said: Germany’s Strongest Car Brand is Mercedes

Clarissa May 18, 2012

After getting in the second place last December’s evaluation, the three star brand is now on the top spot for being the strongest auto brand in Germany.

Other than winning the major citation, Mercedes also got the highest position in three minor categories, the first one being “Environment”, which is won because of the engine variants that the car manufacturer is making. These engines emphasize fuel reduction and economy, that reduces the risk of environment’s degradation.

Another citation is “security” primarily because of the COLLISION PREVENTION system in new Merc models. “Market power” was also bagged due to the market leadership that the company achieved in the last six months.

“The fact that we have managed to conquer the top position in ADAC AutoMarxX back, shows that we are with Mercedes-Benz at an outstanding way. I am particularly pleased that we are in the environment, and ranking in the category of security topped. The placement of the most successful premium manufacturer in the category of market strength underscores how well arrive before all our new products to our customers. The strongest car brand in Germany to be is for us first, a great endorsement of our work and at the same motivation for the future, ” said Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Exec VP Mercedes-Benz Sales and Marketing.

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  1. Are Helmers-Olsen August 31, 2012 at 12:26 am

    Thank You,I became so glad when I saw this article,our Mercs have saved me and members of my familys life several times..Audi was not even classified as luxury car when I was young,and im only 34:]Long live the Star,love from Norway.


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