Mercedes Introduces Accessories For M- and B-Class

Emmanuel P November 26, 2011

Brand loyalty is not easily earned, and companies who develop a following would to well to capitalize on such loyalty. Which is what Mercedes is doing with the release of its latest accessories for its M- and B-Class offerings. And for Mercedes-Benz loyalists, this is not a bad thing, because you just know that Mercedes does not put its logo on just any product. Standards of quality must be lived up to. To this end, Mercedes is offering myriad add-ons such as snow chains, running boards, bike racks, ski and snowboard racks, a dozen varieties of lightweight alloy rims, steering wheels and pedals, an iPod integration kit and a Becker satnav system.

Any combination of these accessories will set your Mercedes apart from rest that came off the showroom floor and give your Mercedes that customized and individual look.

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  1. Beware of Mercedes Benz. All those who possess a car of this brand or wish to purchase one (or may know someone who is going to do) you should know that the Airmatic suspension is not a safe or advisable in my opinion. From personal experience, with 110,000 km and a normal road driving and highway (I have a 7 year old daughter as you all know), I was blown right front suspension (10 months ago) and now I change the buffer left for loss of pressure regulating valve (you have to change all the cushion because the valve is internal and can not be changed …). Also MB is not going to take care of this problem once the vehicle warranty is ended. For my part, driving in 20 years, millions of kilometers traveled by car and more than a dozen cars driven, I have not had to change the suspension ever for any reason, neither driving a Ford Fiesta, or with Renault or Volvo or Seat. Only Mercedes Benz, at 110,000 km I had to replace the two front suspension, with the consequent risk of injury to which this entails. It is no reproach or anything, but I think this possibility should warn you before you sell a car from a highly valued brand in technology, safety, reliability and above all economically, as there are cars less price and assumes that the be economic plus for safety, technology, etc.. Greetings to all and hope to have it in mind when buy a car of this brand, not recommending that you change brand, but to walk carefully with this type of suspension order. It is also true that if MB is in charge of the repair (although I do not think so), I’ll let you know, and I think this is an issue of after-sales service or customer service. A warm greeting.

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