Mercedes S 450 vs. Audi A8

Muamer Hodzic February 5, 2007

Auto-Motor-und-Sport has put the Mercedes S450 against the A8 flagship from Audi. I have to say that the Audi impresses me a lot, not just with its beautiful design, but also with it performance. According to the guys over at AMuS, the A8 can follow the S-class nicely in the curves, but the effort from the driver to keep the car from understeering is much greater than the ones in the Merc.

Also in things comfort is the s-class a force that is hard to beat; with its air-suspension and comfortable seats, it gives the driver a very pleasant drive, that the A8 can’t match.

The Audi, with simpler operation as well as substantially more favorable fixed costs and lower purchase price, couldn’t convince the test drivers, so yet again the S-class is declared the winner.

For some stupid reason Google can’t translate the page, so I have provided it on this page. Read it by clicking more.

No doubt: With the introduction of the all-wheel drive to normal passenger vehicles AUDI made an important contribution more traction and driving safety and made themselves than technique pioneer a name. Until 2002 the A8 was competitionless. But since that time not only company brothers and sisters VOLKSWAGEN Phaeton and Bentley Continental, but also the sedans Mercedes S-class with all-wheel drive stepped on the plan.

The advantages of four propelled wheels become effective with the tested V8-Varianten impressively, although both manufacturers pursue perfectly different concepts. AUDI about sets on a Zentraldifferenzial with gate EN technology, which normally distributes the driving power evenly on front and rear wheels. Footstep slip up, can be transmitted it up to 75 per cent to that axle, which promises better adhesion. The distribution between the wheels of an axle regulates electronics by brake interference.

That happens with the 4-Matic-System of the S-class flows Kraft not flexibly, but rigidly with the help of a central planetray gear Differenzials always at 55 per cent at the rear axle, which is remainder intended for the front wheels. For emergencies, if the wheels of an axle do not find Grip, a delicate multiple disk clutch intervenes and closes the force river, so that the S-class can drive off.

Mercedes: No desires openly

If it took up travel, it precedes in a way, which does not leave desires open. Traction? Of the finest one. Kurvenverhalten? Almost neutrally, most trust-arousing. Handling? Surprisingly agil. Also the steering element is very direct and precise, but an idea too low-friction. Brake? High delay, very stably, but reduced stability, if only the wheels of a side of the car on handy roadway adhesion find.

The AUDI can follow Mercedes on winding terrain well. But the fahrerische employment is clearly more highly, because it under-steers strongly, in the frontier however occasionally for overriding changes. Despite its deficiency in weight of approximately 200 kilograms it works a trace more behà¤biger.

Thus not enough: Also in things comfort is the S-class a force. With its pneumatic cushioning it carries the passengers there over bad roadways so gently that almost in the state of suspension wà¤hnen themselves. For itself regarded the A8 is not under any circumstances a unkomfortabler contemporary. But it does not achieve with its tauter chassis tuning and the harder seats evenly the exemplary comfort qualities Mercedes.

AUDI only second winner

In the remaining criteria the S-class with better space offer and more extensive safety equipment scores. On the other hand the AUDI with simpler operation as well as substantially more favorable fixed costs and lower purchase price convinces. That is enough not completely: The honour of the winner is entitled to the S-class.

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  1. I still have a problem with my volkswagen axle. Maybe i should try to have any of those two… Any of which might have a performance with regards to their exle assembly

  2. I still have a problem with my Volkswagen Axle. I could still hear a grinding noise coming from one of the wheels even after replacement. Maybe i should try to have any of those two… Any of which might have a performance with regards to their axle assembly.

  3. the mercedes s class is better that the audi a8 because of his suspension appeareance and the physical appeareance of this great car . in my personal point of view the estetic of the mercedes benz cars is a lot much better that the audi estetic . in conclusion my favorite car is the mercedes because of the things i mention before
    thanks ….. note : edgar.

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