The Battle Of Mercedes F1 For Second Place Intensifies After 2023 Japanese Grand Prix

Giancarlo Perlas September 24, 2023
Mercedes F1
Mercedes F1 at the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka. (Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Media)

In the heart of Suzuka, the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix unfolded in a hard-fought battle, with Mercedes F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell securing fifth and seventh place, respectively. The duo navigated a challenging race day, marked by early setbacks and strategic choices that put their skills to the test. These results have significant implications for the team’s pursuit of the coveted second place in the Constructors’ Championship, as they now hold a 20-point advantage over Ferrari for that spot.

Early Drama in Mercedes F1

As the lights went out, Lewis Hamilton found himself entangled in early drama with Red Bull, courtesy of Sergio Perez’s contact. This incident caused both him and his teammate to lose positions on the opening lap.

Fortunately, their W14 cars suffered no apparent damage, but it set the tone for an uphill battle.

Divergent Strategies Unfold

In the world of Formula 1, strategy plays a pivotal role in race outcomes. Mercedes employed divergent approaches for Hamilton and George Russell during the Japanese Grand Prix.

Hamilton opted for a conventional two-stop strategy, pitting on lap 16 and lap 34 for the Hard tires on both occasions. On the other hand, Russell embarked on a daring one-stop strategy, making his pit stop for the Hard compound on lap 24.

George Russell’s Tenacity

Despite the challenging circumstances, Russell’s one-stop strategy showcased his tenacity. He attempted to hold off fresher-tired competitors but ultimately found the task insurmountable.

Although a team effort to get both Mercedes cars ahead of Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz proved too demanding, Russell’s efforts were commendable.

Lewis Hamilton’s Recovery and Teamwork

Hamilton’s resilience shone through as he navigated his way back to fifth place. This impressive recovery was a testament to the teamwork and pit stop strategy deployed by the Mercedes crew.

It was a day when outright pace was elusive, but Hamilton’s performance allowed the team to secure valuable points.

Reflections from the Mercedes F1 Drivers

Post-race, Hamilton expressed his exhaustion after the intense battle. Acknowledging Ferrari’s slight speed advantage with their weekend upgrade, he highlighted the importance of securing fifth place and minimizing points loss to Ferrari in the Constructors’ Championship race. He lauded the efforts of the entire team and emphasized the long road ahead in the season.

Russell, reflecting on the race, noted the positives of their one-stop strategy, which exceeded expectations. Despite the limitations in pace, Russell acknowledged the fair but intense racing on the track. He recognized that their end result accurately reflected their performance for the weekend.

Insights from the Mercedes F1 Team

Andrew Shovlin, Trackside Engineering Director for Mercedes, provided insights into the team’s strategic choices. Recognizing early on that they couldn’t challenge for the podium, the team focused on minimizing points loss to Ferrari. The decision to split their strategies paid off, with one car placed between the Ferraris, providing crucial damage limitation.

Shovlin also explained the rationale behind Russell’s one-stop strategy, highlighting the limited risks involved. However, the high tire degradation ultimately made it a challenging endeavor. Protecting Hamilton’s position against Sainz, who posed a threat, became paramount, leading to the decision to invert the cars on track.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to its strong lineup and performance, Red Bull has once again gained enough points to be declared the F1 Constructors’ Champion for this season. However, the battle for second place is still ongoing, with Mercedes F1 having an advantage of 20 points against Ferrari.

With several races remaining in the season, we expect our beloved team to remain focused on their quest to secure their position in the championship standings.

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