Fifth Gear: Mercedes-Benz SLK55 vs SL55

Muamer Hodzic March 12, 2007

This is an interesting comparison test by the Fifth Gear folks. Two Mercedes cars, only separated by the K, are driven around the circuit to see how each performs under extreme driving.

I personally can’t stand the host and her voice, but the comments aggravate me the most. What fifth gear needs to do is stop trying to be like Top Gear. That would eliminate a lot of these “trying-to-be-funny” comments from the hosts.

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  1. Once again, I agree 1000%. I can’t stand 5th Gear and esp Vicki Butler Henderson. They are so obviously biased toward BMW, which is ok I suppose, but then they profile the Mercedes cars with an insult hidden behind a complement. This one idiot arrives in a BMW 7 series to evaluate the S Class, and at the end he says “If I was going to buy an S Class I’d buy this one, cause I can afford it and it’s the best” What a moron. If I was going to buy an S class he’d buy that one. All he really said was that The S65AMG is the best S class, not that he actually likes it. Anyway, you can see from this clip that Vicky is biased to BMW and I wish she would disappear from British TV. Get Kiera Knightley to replace her, PLEASE BBC!


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