5 Reasons to Buy Fleet Maintenance Software

Giancarlo Perlas April 13, 2023

Do you have a fleet of BMW or Mercedes vehicles? If so, it makes sense to invest in fleet maintenance software to ensure the cars are properly maintained. 

Car prices have gone through the roof due to the semiconductor crisis, so the last thing you want is to see your vehicle fall into a state of disrepair to the point where you need to replace them prematurely. That’ll be an expensive undertaking.

Here’s a look at five of the best reasons to invest in fleet maintenance software.

1. Keep Track of Maintenance

One of the primary benefits of fleet maintenance software is that it’ll make it easier for your company to stay on top of maintenance and repairs. If you’re recording things manually, it’ll be easy for maintenance to fall between the cracks. The last thing you want when investing in BMW and Mercedes vehicles is to miss essential maintenance inadvertently. Gaps in maintenance can cause small problems that grow into big, costly issues.

Even simple maintenance like oil and filter changes, brake pad changes, and tire rotations can impact how well your vehicles operate. So, don’t underestimate the importance of preventive maintenance. The right software will help you log and track essential maintenance, and check what maintenance was done and when it was done. 

2. Boost Vehicle Lifespans

If you want to squeeze as much life out of your fleet of Mercedes and BMW vehicles as possible, use a fleet maintenance platform. Doing so will help you extend the life of your cars. You’ll get service reminders when essential maintenance needs to be performed. The chances are good that your vehicles will last longer if they’re taken care of properly. Considering how expensive new cards are due to the global chip shortage, you can appreciate the importance of keeping your fleet of vehicles in good working order.

3. Consolidate Warranty Information

The last thing you want when you purchase BMWs or Mercedes is to invalidate the warranties due to a lack of proper care. Warranties might not be honored if you can’t demonstrate that routine maintenance has been performed at the appropriate service intervals. If you’re not using fleet maintenance software, things might fall between the cracks. That can be a costly mistake if one of your fleet vehicles needs expensive repairs. The auto dealer might resist covering the cost if even the smallest maintenance matters were skipped. 

Fleet maintenance software will also keep you in the loop as to when the warranties are close to expiring and when they have expired so that you can make the right decisions.

4. Reduce Downtime

Do you like unplanned downtime? The answer is, of course, no. Downtime that occurs due to unforeseen vehicle failure can cost you. If customers are waiting for deliveries or if things need to be picked up, you don’t want your vehicles out of commission. Using a fleet maintenance application can help you reduce the risks of vehicle problems. You can receive alerts when maintenance is due, which will keep your cars in top shape. Preventive maintenance will lower the odds of your cars breaking down unexpectedly. 

5. Eliminate Unnecessary Paperwork

Another benefit of fleet maintenance software is that you can go paperless. Are you tired of having to file away documents in filing cabinets? Those filing cabinets can take up a lot of space. You won’t have to print as many documents when you have a solution to help with fleet maintenance. Everything will be digital. So, you can keep everything paperless unless you want to print reports.

Are you sold on the benefits of getting fleet maintenance software? If you have a fleet of vehicles, you’ll find fleet maintenance software to be a game changer and a godsend. Many options are available, so do your homework to find the right one for your business.

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