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Giancarlo Perlas February 8, 2022
Mercedes-Benz commercial customers: rental vehicle companies

When you travel a lot for business, especially internationally, you get to know the ins and outs of car rental. Different destinations seem to demand different kinds of car rental ranging from the very practical to the more luxurious. When visiting the UAE, it’s hard to resist the idea of luxury car rental in Dubai since you have to fit in with a real jet-set culture out there. That’s why people going to Dubai or other hot cosmopolitan city destinations choose to rent a Mercedes-Benz.

Okay, Mercedes-Benz rental is a great idea, but how do you know which one to choose? Here is our quick guide on choosing the best Benz for the right situation.

Situation: Alone Driving About Town — Mercedes-Benz A-Class or C-Class Sedans

When you’re on your own and you just need an ultra-stylish mode to cruise around town getting from meeting to meeting, and then perhaps to take yourself to the hottest nightspots when work is done, an A-Class or C-Class Sedan is perfect.

These are compact, luxurious, impossibly stylish but also practical enough to get what you need to be done. They have usable rear seats, a trunk and are fuel-efficient. It’s not often you get that kind of combination in a luxury brand.

Situation: Work Over, Time for Adventure — Mercedes-Benz G63

Life can’t be all about work, can it? There has to be time for recreation. When it’s time for that, Mercedes-Benz models have you covered, this time in the form of the unique G63. Known for its boxy looks and off-road credentials while still sporting a luxury interior, the G-class SUV models are the most stylish way to seek adventure on- and off-road.

Whether you want to tackle desert dunes, mountain trails, fording streams, and more, the G63 is ready to go. When you’re on a trip where you need to be ready for anything, a G63 rental is what you need. This is a car that’s just as happy cruising city streets as it is the trails of the wild.

Situation: I’m Not Driving, and Only Luxury Will Do — Mercedes-Benz S-Class

When you’re in a situation where you have a car rental and a driver to go with it, then you need a car that delivers the ultimate “being driven” experience. In the world of Mercedes-Benz, that’s the S-Class. In truth, if you want to drive this amazing car yourself, it’s also a fantastic experience, but to fully appreciate its comforts, you need to enjoy it from the back seat.

The seats are covered in the most sumptuous and decadent leather, and include rapid heating, massage function, lumbar support, and ventilation for when it’s hot. The interior is further enhanced with ambient lighting, rear-seat entertainment screens, masses of legroom, and a seamless smooth ride on the impossibly advanced suspension system.

Situation: Traveling with the Family — Mercedes-Benz GLE or V-Class MPV

Finally, when you’ve got the whole family with you, or are in a group of friends even, then you need more car capacity. The sporty GLE SUV-coupe models are a nice way to get more space while retaining the cool, athletic look of the car, but if you want the most practical models, then you’ve got to look at the new V-Class. The V-Class seats up to 8 in comfort and style and is your perfect ally when there’s a lot of you and you all simply have to have your space!

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