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Lost in Translation: Did Mercedes mean to use the term “Brake”?

Just last month, Mercedes-Benz announced the Shooting Break Concept at the Beijing Motor Show, touting it as the next-gen CLS Wagon. Everyone, including us, was wondering if Mercedes used the wrong term to describe their new concept, but report after report, press release after press release, the term Shooting Break was the official name. We even wrote an article clarifying why they used the term “Break” instead of the traditional “Brake”. Mercedes-Benz officials explained that Shooting Breaks “were popular in Great Britain, exclusive crossover vehicles which combined the luxuriousness of a coupe with the luggage space of an estate” Could Mercedes-Benz have meant to call it the “Shooting Brake”, but… Continue Reading »


Paris-to-Bejing E-class cars are returning home

Remember the Mercedes E-Class Marathon from Paris to Beijing that I covered 6 weeks ago, well the marathon has been completed and all the drivers returned to their native countries, but the cars remained in China. The next challenge for Mercedes was getting the cars back to Germany for inspections and to drivers that purchased them. Many participants had already taken out purchase options on “their” beloved E-Class vehicles during the marathon trip to Beijing and can now hardly wait to take delivery of their car. “Drive an E-Class once and you’ll want to drive it forever”: this certainly seems to reflect the mindset of the participants in the E… Continue Reading »


The new Maybach 62 S at Auto China 2006 in Beijing

DaimlerChrysler has developed a new flagship model in the Maybach line-up, the newly developed Maybach 62 S, is celebrating its world premiere at the Auto China 2006 international motor show in Beijing. The “S” in the model designation stands for “Special” and draws attention to the fact that the Maybach engineers at the state-of-the-art Manufacture workshops in Sindelfingen have incorporated features requested by their highly discerning customers into the 62 S model. The result is a new dimension in traveling comfort, especially for the passengers in the generously proportioned rear compartment of the new high-end luxury saloon. Not to mention a prodigious power output thanks to the enhanced potency of… Continue Reading »


The Paris to Beijing Marathon has been completed.

After 13,600 kilometers, the E-class marathon from Paris to Beijing has been completed. The E-class, which were outfitted with an intelligent light system, Pre-Safe, Direct control, 4matic and a E320 CDI diesel engine, that achieved an impressive 7,19 liter average fuel consumption. Even though, the the journey was hard and full of obstacles, nobody was hurt, but some (if not all) experienced an adventure of their life. We’ll have more details about the marathon in the coming days when DCX releases it, but for now, here are some pictures of the last meters before the finish line. See more at the Autobild Blog.


Video Blogging the Paris to Beijing Marathon: Kazakhstan

Move over Borat. The E320 Guy is in Kazakhstan and contrary to the movie, we’re finding that the people over here are incredibly friendly. The paris-Beijing 2006 E Class Experience is more than halfway to our destination and our trip through the steppes is enlightening. We meet Ed Deppe, a pilot and computer forensics expert from Minnesota on this leg of the journey.


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