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Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 SUV Gets 920 HP Upgrade

The Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 sport utility vehicle is blessed with opulent features, advanced technology, and high-performance engine. When it comes to luxury, it is only a step below its Mercedes-Maybach counterpart, but it more than makes up for it in terms of power. In its stock configuration, the AMG GLS 63 SUV is equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. The unit produces a whopping 603 hp and 626 lb-ft torque. Despite its already impressive figures, the aftermarket tuning firm Wheelsandmore managed to squeeze out more power from the vehicle. Recently, the company released a four-stage tuning package for the auto with the following features: Stage 1 The AMG GLS 63… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz GLE and GLS Recalled Over Defective Illuminated Logos

It’s only an illuminated logo, so what could go wrong? Apparently, what may be deemed as just an aesthetic element in a Mercedes-Benz SUV may factor in a serious accident because of faulty electrical wiring. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the illuminated three-pointed star logo of Mercedes SUVs is causing a malfunction in the power steering, wiper motor, and left headlamp. The issue was attributed to an incorrectly installed electrical ground. The units affected are the Mercedes-Benz GLE and Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV models. Mercedes has since announced a recall on the vehicles in question. It is estimated that the recall covers up to 12,799 SUVs of… Continue Reading »


A Look at the Top 3 Luxurious Features of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS was finally unveiled at the 2019 Auto Guangzhou. The ultra-luxurious sport utility vehicle of the double M family arrived in style with its striking design plus a powerful engine matching its looks. The SUV was introduced in its Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC trim, and it is expected to arrive in the US by the latter half of 2020. Here are the things to expect from it: Exterior The Mercedes-Maybach GLS shares the same DNA with the Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV. However, the Maybach variant stands out from the standard Mercedes model with its chrome pinstripes radiator grille similar to the current Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Pullman. It also uses… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Maybach GLS SUV to Debut at Auto Guangzhou

Spy shots of the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS continue to surface online. The recent images and videos show the ultra-luxurious sport utility vehicle taking a stroll with only a little camouflage, which indicates that its official unveiling is very near. The media site of Daimler officially confirmed just that. Very little info has been revealed by Daimler so far about the Mercedes-Maybach SUV. The parent of Mercedes said that the auto will be based on the GLS, the brand’s largest and most luxurious SUV, but it will have bigger proportions to make way for more space inside, more comfort and more premium elements. Basically, expect the same level of boost given… Continue Reading »


New Mercedes-Maybach GLS is Almost Ready to Debut

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS ultra-luxury sport utility vehicle was caught testing again. Not one, but two prototypes of the auto were seen cruising down the German roads and basing on the level of their camouflaged wraps, it won’t be long until the official unveiling of the Maybach GLS range. Hints of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS’ development traces back to 2014. It was hinted through interviews of Daimler’s execs, the company’s patent filing in 2017 for a GLS 73, the arrival of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury, and a series of spy shots showing a GLS SUV with higher-end trim. The GLS, being Mercedes’ top of the line SUV, it’s a no-brainer too… Continue Reading »


Posaidon Tuned Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC To 960 Pound-Feet

As if the range-topping Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC (X166) doesn’t have enough power yet, performance tuner Posaidon decided it needs more. The luxury SUV, in its original state, comes with a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine known as the M 157. Without the tune-up, the engine can produce 585 horsepower (436 kW) with 516 pound-feet of torque (700 Nm). To boost the car’s performance, the tuner adds its own in-house designed turbocharger, changes the ECU, and upgrades the intake and exhaust systems from the ground up. All of these combine to deliver a whopping 853 hp (636 kW) and 960 pound-feet of torque (1,300 Nm). Posaidon said they were forced to… Continue Reading »


New Mercedes-Benz GLS Unveiled at the New York Auto Show

More space, more comfort, and more luxury. That’s how the new Mercedes-Benz GLS is marketed by its maker. On top of that, the Mercedes flagship luxury sport utility vehicle is getting an engine boost. Let’s see if it truly lives up to its promise to customers. Exterior The 2019 New York Auto Show was graced by the visually rich styling of the new Mercedes-Benz GLS that combines luxury with off-road capabilities. The SUV displays a more confident stance than its predecessor, thanks to its added 77 mm in length, extra 22 mm in width and 60 mm longer wheelbase. Following the Sensual Purity design philosophy of Mercedes, the latest GLS… Continue Reading »


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