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Audi Superbowl Ad: Mocking the Mercedes Benz 280SE 4.5

We won’t be discussing the actually Superbowl game here, although it was definitely one of the more exciting ones that I’ve seen recently, but we will discuss the Audi ad for a bit. It’s definitely not the first time Audi had made fun of the competition, but it sure is one of their better ones. Besides starring Jason Statham, the new Jean-Claude Van Damme of our times and star of any movie that involves blowing stuff up and punching 20 guys senseless at the same time, we get to see the new supercharged A6, and drivability when chased by two Buell Ulysses bikes. A Mercedes Benz 280SE 4.5 also stars… Continue Reading »


Top Gear M3 coupe vs C63 AMG vs RS4

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a fantastic holiday week. To kick things off, here is a comparison test from our favorite guys over at Top Gear. They devoted almost an entire show segment for comparing the brand new C63 AMG against the new M3 and mixing it up with the somewhat older RS4. While the last video I posted was in German, and some people were confused on who actually won, this one is in English, but you will still be confused on which cars is better. There are 3 videos, so be sure to hit more for the additional two. Click more for the other videos


Buying a New Car

Here is a video that everyone can relate to, not just when buying a car, but when making other big-ticket decisions. This guy finally decided, after 14 years of service, to trade in his Nissan Pathfinder. Almost two months of research narrowed down his choices to the Audi A4 quattro, Mercedes-Benz C350 4MATIC and BMW 328xi Sedan. He could have just visited this site to get all the fantastic C350 reviews and comparison test and save himself some time. It is nice that he actually took all three cars for a test drive and compared them not only on the looks and specs, but the performance. Watch the video to… Continue Reading »


Ocean Drive to be at Rolls Royce’s Calibre

According to Top Gear’s September Issue from egmcartech’s report, the production version of the Ocean Drive concept will most like tackle the RR Drophead. The performance and amenities will be closer to the Drophead than the speculated competitor A7 from Audi.

“The Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive… will extract 510 horsepower from a 5.5 liter V8 with the range topper having a V12 engine…


Mercedes S 450 vs. Audi A8

Auto-Motor-und-Sport has put the Mercedes S450 against the A8 flagship from Audi. I have to say that the Audi impresses me a lot, not just with its beautiful design, but also with it performance. According to the guys over at AMuS, the A8 can follow the S-class nicely in the curves, but the effort from the driver to keep the car from understeering is much greater than the ones in the Merc. Also in things comfort is the s-class a force that is hard to beat; with its air-suspension and comfortable seats, it gives the driver a very pleasant drive, that the A8 can’t match. The Audi, with simpler operation… Continue Reading »


2007 Audi S6 vs. BMW M5 vs. Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

It is really fascinating to see how the guys over at Car and Driver spend their day, aside from getting the chance to drive some nice cars and write a review, this time they got three of the best car in their segment, of course they are all German, and put the against each other for a ferocious bullfight. As may know, the E63 is the best E-class so far, and it really shows in this test, not only have they fixed the little problems that the C&D tester had last year, but they created a monster conceiled under a beautiful skin. I don’t want to reveal anything, so go… Continue Reading »


All AMG-Models Comparison Test

This has to be the biggest and most exciting test done by Autobild or any other magazine. They have brought together every AMG model available currently for a comparison test that will be remembered for decades, I mean when will they do this again, not any time soon. The car’s power ranges from 360hp to 612hp and the price goes from as little as 65.986 Euro for the C55 to 211.761 Euro for the S65. The spectacle that Autobild has created with 16 AMG models would cost one 1.843.077 Euro if they were to buy every single model. Here is the translated Autobild site, unfortunately one has to pay to… Continue Reading »


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