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Luxury Comaprison Test: Jag V-8 vs. Benz S550 vs. Audi A8L Quattro vs. Lexus LS460L vs. BMW 750Li

We’ve seen many of these tests, but I am not sure if they were so large and extensive. Nevertheless, a great comparison test by Car and Driver that will leave you speechless, and I don’t mean about the top results, but the bottom ones. It will be surprising to some, but probably not for others. Head over to Car and Driver to read the full review. Here is a brief description of each cars good and bad parts. 2007 Lexus LS460L Highs: Tranquil environment, flawless finish, comprehensive standard luxury equipment. Lows: Soft in roll, squishy tires, small trunk, long stopping distances. The Verdict: May be the most indulgent luxury car… Continue Reading »


Revenge of the Germans: Mercedes GL 420 CDI vs. Range Rover TDV8

A week ago, I posted a video made by MSN Cars in the UK, where they compared the Mercedes GL, Audi Q7 and Range Rover V8. It seems that the Germans have seen the video somewhere (possibly here), and have thought to themselves, “Das kann ja wohl nicht wahr sein” or a rough translation “That can’t possibly be true.” Well similar to the Germans (or Autobild at least) I thought the same thing, unfortunately I don’t have the resources to test and see if MSN Cars was correct. Autobild chose to do it for me , but only selected the GL and the TDV8 to be tested, and not the… Continue Reading »


Audi A8 quattro vs. Mercedes S 500 4Matic

Audi may have had the exclusivity for over 25 years with its all wheel drive, but unfortunately, that exclusivity is virtually gone with the introduction of the 4Matic system for Mercedes. The new S-class 4Matic was put to the test against the more “experienced” Audi A8 quattro. Go to Autobild to read the whole comparison test, or scroll down for the result. Not only is the S-class the winner because of the amazingly good all-wheel drive, but it can do nearly everything better than the Audi. It offers more space, accelerates faster, is more comfortable and brakes better. The hour of the A8 strikes with engaged driving fashion. The sporty… Continue Reading »


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