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Mercedes-Benz Launches The All-New eSprinter In North America

Mercedes-Benz continues its charge in electric mobility with the debut of the eSprinter electric vehicle. The van serves as an alternative to the Sprinter and it represents a big leap in the brand’s electrification strategy, which seamlessly merges efficiency, range, and utility. Versatility at the Core of the eSprinter Mathias Geisen, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, emphasizes the eSprinter’s role in demonstrating the brand’s serious commitment to its ESG goals. With a starting price of $71,866 in North America, this electric pioneer is poised to revolutionize fleet operations. In a nutshell, the electric version of the Sprinter offers a sustainable alternative for businesses seeking an eco-friendly and efficient solution. Performance of… Continue Reading »


Rediscovering the Vintage Charm: The Remarkable 1980 Mercedes-Benz T2 Custom Camper

Unveiling a hidden gem from the automotive world, here’s the captivating tale of the 1980 Mercedes-Benz T2 custom camper. This vintage beauty, once serving the Dutch police special forces, has been transformed into a cool mobile retreat by a skilled marine carpenter. Let’s delve into the fascinating details and rich history of this unique camper. The Düsseldorf Transporter The Mercedes-Benz T2 (L407D), affectionately known as the “Düsseldorf Transporter,” was introduced in 1967 as a successor to the renowned L319 model. Crafted at the Daimler-Benz factory in Düsseldorf, Germany, this versatile van platform offered an impressive range of configurations, including long and short wheelbases, cargo vans, minibus people movers, and bare… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz To Focus On VAN.EA Instead Of Using Renault’s FlexEvan Platform

In recent developments, Mercedes-Benz Group has reportedly opted out of Renault’s FlexEvan electric van project, signaling a shift in their partnership. Instead, Mercedes will concentrate on its own premium electric vehicle (EV) platform called VAN.EA. The decision underscores the three-pointed star marque’s commitment to advancing its EV offerings independently. According to reliable sources familiar with the matter, the FlexEvan project, set to launch in 2026, will be pursued by Renault and potentially joined by Renault Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo. Divergence of Mercedes and Renault from Existing Joint Ventures Renault’s pursuit of expanding its van cooperation with Mercedes has faced obstacles. Previous collaborations, including diesel engine sales and a joint… Continue Reading »


The New Mercedes-Benz EQT: A Versatile and Stylish Light Electric Van

Mercedes-Benz Vans is driving its commitment to electric mobility by introducing the EQT, a small van that combines the flexibility and premium features of the T-Class with the advantages of all-electric propulsion. As part of the automaker’s comprehensive strategy, the Mercedes-Benz EQT showcases the brand’s dedication to electrifying its entire model range. This article explores the remarkable features of the new model and how it offers an appealing entry into the world of fully electric vehicles (EVs). Key Features Here are the key features of the new Mercedes-Benz EQT based on the press release of its maker: Design and Practicality of the Mercedes-Benz EQT The EQT EV boasts a distinctive… Continue Reading »


2024 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Captured On Cam During Testing

Previous spy shots reveal that the Mercedes-Benz V-Class is about to get a facelift. Recently, the same units were caught on video during testing. From the looks of it, the V-Class will only feature minor revisions. As indicated by the spy video here, the changes may come on the front grille, bumpers, and lights, judging from the way its camouflage wraps are positioned. Like the older spy shots, the video here shows three variants of the Mercedes midsize van. It’s possible that one of them is the electrified EQV model of the range, although it’s hard to determine which at this point. While the facelift of the V-Class may only… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Electric Van Unveiled With Up To 311-Mile Range

The new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter van is finally out. The new product from Mercedes-Benz Vans is touted as an all-rounder vehicle with a focus on delivering energy efficiency, long range, and optimum load capacity. The new model is eyeing a rollout in the US and Canada in the second half of 2023 and Europe by the year’s end. Two plants will be handling the production of the eSprinter. The manufacture of the van for the US and Canadian markets will be handled by the Charleston facility of Mercedes in South Carolina, USA. Meanwhile, European customers will be covered by the facilities of the company in Dusseldorf and Ludwigsfelde in Germany. According… Continue Reading »


7 Tips When Shopping for a Shuttle Service

A sprinter van shuttle service could be exactly what you need to manage the transportation of people from one point to another. But finding the best shuttle service for your needs, for a good price, can be challenging. How Shuttle Services Work Whether you’re searching for a simple, sprinter van shuttle or something bigger and capable of carrying more passengers, most shuttle services work something like this. You’ll sign a contract, you’ll choose a type of vehicle, and a team of professional drivers will drive those vehicles to “shuttle” passengers from one place to another. That could mean shuttling people from one building to another on your campus. It could… Continue Reading »


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