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Tesla’s NACS Expands To Include Mercedes-Benz Soon

Transition to NACS Standard Tesla’s Next-Generation Charging Standard (NACS) has been gaining a lot of traction lately due to its potential to simplify EV charging. This standard, certified by SAE as “J3400,” utilizes the same connector that Tesla vehicles have been using for years. Most manufacturers are currently in the process of transitioning their vehicles to adopt the NACS standard, with plans to provide adapters for older charging standards. Supercharger Network Expansion Tesla’s Supercharger network, which has been hailed as the gold standard for EV charging in North America, is undergoing a significant expansion. Previously exclusive to Tesla vehicles, the Supercharger network is set to open its doors to vehicles… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz To Utilize Tesla’s Charging Network In North America

Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to grant its customers access to Tesla’s extensive charging network to expand its electric vehicle (EV) charging options. This decision by the three-pointed star marque follows similar moves made by Ford, General Motors, Rivian, Volvo, and Polestar as of late. Expanded Charging Options Start in 2024 Mercedes EV owners can expect to gain access to the Tesla expansive charging network starting in 2024 based on the German luxury vehicle maker’s roadmap. To facilitate compatibility, an adapter will be made available for existing Mercedes EVs equipped with the Combined Charging Standard (CCS) connector, enabling them to interface seamlessly with the US-based automaker’s North American Charging Standard (NACS)… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Takes The Lead In California’s Automated Driving Approval

In a major leap for the automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz has emerged as the frontrunner in California’s race for approval of automated driving systems. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recently granted authorization to the company for the sale or lease of vehicles equipped with its cutting-edge automated driving system called ‘Drive Pilot’. This achievement positions the German brand ahead of its competitors, including Tesla, in California’s lucrative market. The Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot System The Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot system, classified as Level 3 automation, offers a groundbreaking feature that allows drivers to momentarily divert their attention from the road. While the system takes control of the vehicle on designated highways… Continue Reading »


Crypto Con Artist Baits Investors In Fake Mercedes-Tesla Car Launch

A YouTube channel masking itself as officially owned by Mercedes-Benz tricked over 160,000 subscribers into watching a live stream last week that supposedly showed the unveiling of a new car in collaboration with Tesla. Lawrence Hodge, a writer for Jalopnik, discovered the video and immediately reached the German brand and Tesla for confirmation of the live video’s authenticity. Mercedes-Benz Denies Collaboration with Tesla to that Point Jalopnik said that a Mercedes representative outright confirmed that the feed titled “LIVE: Unveiling Mercedes-Benz & Tesla Collaboration Model – A car that changes everything” was indeed fake. Neither Tesla nor Elon Musk’s official Twitter account could be reached for comments during the event… Continue Reading »


Long-Time Tesla Fan Reveals 3 Reasons for Shifting to Mercedes EQS

Why would someone want to shift from a Tesla Model S to a Mercedes-Benz EQS? A long-time owner of the famous American EV reveals the reason why she jumped ship to the three-pointed star marque of the Germans in an interview. Christine Orita, a 65-year-old former Tesla fan, explained in an interview with Business Insider the story behind her decision to switch from her Model S to the EQS. According to her, she was initially swayed by Tesla boss Elon Musk’s promise to contribute to making a greener earth through the products of his company. With that, she placed a deposit for the said car in 2012, which was finally… Continue Reading »


Should You Wait for the New Mercedes-Benz EQXX or the New Tesla Model S

The Mercedes-Benz EQXX is expected to be the most important electric vehicle of the three-pointed star brand. The new car looks to challenge the dominance of Tesla in the EV segment of the market. However, is it worth waiting for, or should customers just settle with the new Model S? When the EQXX was showcased at the CES 2022, it came with the bragging rights of having the most mileage on a single charge. The German EV is capable of reaching up to 648 miles before running out of juice. Meanwhile, Tesla only has 402 miles per charge in its Model S Long Range Plus, and that’s not even close… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz EQS Production Begins in Germany

After the impressive launch of the Mercedes-Benz EQS pure electric sedan last April, its maker is now proceeding with its mass production this May. Daimler just announced that the electric vehicle is now being assembled at its Factory 56 in Sildelfingen south of Germany. The Tesla S challenger is slated to go on sale in the U.S. this fall. It is expected to have a price tag within the range of the S-Class. The EQS may be rooted with the S-Class line but has managed to stand out on its own because of its distinct design and tech. The EV is highlighted by its 770 km range based on WLTP… Continue Reading »


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