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U.S. Customers who Prefer Manual Transmission Over Automatic Transmission Increases

We have reported earlier that Mercedes-Benz is shifting its primary market in the U.S. to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. This is also to offset their losses from the European market which is suffering from the effects of the financial crisis. Based on the data published by USA Today in the middle of 2012, manual transmission cars are coming back as a trend. More Americans prefer cars of this type over again. The publication quoted the calculation of about the sudden increase of demand of Americans for for manual cars. Here are the the figures with the corresponding years: 2012 – 6.5% (Based on first quarter data… Continue Reading »


Mother Drives Home an SLK 350 with a Winning Key

I was looking for spicy news about Mercedes-Benz online when I happened to come across this recent article which was published by Borneo Bulletin. According to the report, Hajah Dayang Haliza, an officer at DST Communications in Brunei Darussalam, was this year’s lucky winner of a brand new Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 AMG Roadster from a draw which was held at the Jati Transport showroom. The car she won has a price tag of more than 120,000 BND or 98,000 USD. The mother of three got qualified for the draw when she purchased a brand new Mercedes-Benz V200 last year from Jati Transport. Then, she was among the lucky ones who… Continue Reading »


SLK 250 Lease Up for Grabs in Mercedes-Benz USA’s Best Summer Promo

Want a free 13-month lease on a new 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLK 250? All you have to do is join MB USA’s Best Summer promo on Facebook and you could be enjoying that sweet ride for more than a year. The mechanics of the promo are simple: go to the Mercedes-Benz USA Facebook page [or directly to the Best Summer page], click “Like” to view the instructions, and just follow them step by step. This means registering your name, address, e-mail, and contact numbers, then uploading a photo that shows your Best Summer moment with the Mercedes-Benz brand. You’ll be automatically entered into the Sweepstakes for a chance to win the… Continue Reading »


Aural Candy With The SLK 55 AMG’s Exhaust

For a car guy, there’s nothing like the burble of a nice-sounding exhaust to get the blood running. An here, as in all other areas of comparison, the SLK 55 AMG excels. Listen to the sound of the V8 as it starts up and the driver blips the throttle. But despite being a 5.5 liter V8 with an output of more than 420 horsepower, this car is thoroughly modern and responsible. Firstly, its F1-inspired Cylinder Management System allows up to half of the engine’s cylinders to pump just air for the best possible fuel efficiency. And speaking of efficiency, the 2013 SLK 55 AMG is 30 percent improved over the… Continue Reading »


Vath Tuning Kit Based on the Mercedes SLK 350

Vath once again, released a new tuning package based on the three-star brand. The SLK 350, which is a very famous model among tuning companies, has a new version from them. The German tuner, updated the 3.5L V6 petrol which is running at 302HP and 370Nm of torque and made it into 326HP and 390Nm of torque. This made the top speed to increase to 269km/h. A new and lower suspension is also added, which adjusts the height from 20 to 65mm. The 20-inch forged alloy wheels wheels are now wrapped in 235/30ZR20 tires in front and 265/25ZR20 in the rear while an aero package is installed to update the… Continue Reading »


SLK 55 AMG Streetfighter Seen In The Flesh

A few posts ago, we announced to you the Diavel/SLK 55 AMG pairing, which is the result of the Ducati/AMG collaboration. Now, a video has come out of the Streetfighter SLK 55 AMG which was taken at a recent car show. In the flesh, the SLK55 AMG looks like it’s ready to take on multiple opponents, as its moniker implies. Decked out in Ducati’s yellow and black Streetfighter combination, this SLK 55 AMG is uniquely styled, down to the yellow LEDs that mark the doorsills. The dashboard and the console is decked out in carbon fiber highlights to emphasize the car’s sporting intentions, and the yellow and black exterior announce… Continue Reading »


New Mercedes/Ducati Pairing Paints A Pretty Picture

Following in the heels of the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG & Ducati Diavel, we now have the pair of a Ducati Streetfighter 848 and an SLK55 AMG. It’s not uncommon for a car enthusiast to have a bike or two in the garage to satisfy his speed urges and this combination of AMG cars and Ducati bikes is an example of a Michelin star pairing. By themselves, these two rides are exemplary sample of the high performance art. Even if the mechanical aspects of both the car and the bike are left stock, an SLK55 AMG and a Ducati’s performance are certainly nothing to sneeze at. In combination, they would… Continue Reading »


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