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Mercedes-Benz G400d Gets An AMG-fied Look From delta4x4

In the US, there’s only the Mercedes-Benz G500 before the AMG versions of the G-Class. However, on the other side of the Atlantic, buyers of the Geländewagen have an option for its diesel variant, the G400d. Recently, delta4x4 gave a sneak peek of its work-in-progress package for the said trim, and everything is looking great so far. The new project of the tuner will likely make one mistake the G400d for an AMG G63. That’s because delta4x4 provided it with all the key design elements found in the high-performance version of the G-Wagen. The key highlight of the custom G400d is the replacement of its front grille’s horizontal louvers with… Continue Reading »


A Throwback To The Mercedes-Benz 500 GE V8

The introduction of the Mercedes-Benz 500 GE V8 marked a huge milestone for the three-pointed star marque. It was in this model that the V8 engine was first integrated into the G-Class. Production The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been in production since 1979. However, it would not be until 1993 that it would debut a V8 model, the 500 GE V8, at the Geneva Motor Show. Unfortunately, the 500 GE V8 only ran from 1993 to 1994. Despite that, its effects on the company are lasting as it would provide the blueprint for future high-performance versions of the G-Wagen. Design The 500 GE V8 shares the same boxy body frame as… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV Gets A Bubbly Jacket

Mercedes-Benz and Moncler are two distinct brands belonging to different niches. One is an automaker and the other is a maker of fashionable puffer jackets. So, here’s what happens when the two collaborate on a project involving the G-Class. The result of the partnership between the two is the bubbly G-Wagen they call the “Mondo G”. At a glance, the SUV looks like it’s something that just came out of an 80s or 90s sci-fi film, which shows their vision of the future back then. Its preview likens it to a lunar rover, too. Mondo G features the SUV wrapped in a shiny, metallic, oversized puffer jacket complete with a… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG G63 Receives A Candy Red Paint Exterior

Tuning the Mercedes-AMG G63 is often a hit-or-miss affair depending on how overzealous the tuners can get. Most of the time, the application of the saying “less is more” works if you want to stay on the safe side of things. This particular G-Class surely stands out with its new body kit dominated by glossy candy red paint. Take note though that the model in the images is just the “standard” AMG trim of the G-Wagen and not the 4×4 Squared behemoth. The new posh look of the AMG G63 here was made possible by Vorsteiner’s gloss carbon fiber widebody kit. The bodywork is highlighted by its red paint and… Continue Reading »


Lil Baby Flexes His Brabus G-Class And Miniature G-Class On IG

Lil Baby just loves his Brabus Mercedes-AMG G63 so much that he even got a miniature version of it. We don’t know what he calls it though if it’s Lil G, Baby G, or something else. Dominique Armani Jones, more popular for his Lil Baby moniker, recently posted on Instagram his custom G-Class together with a complete mini copy of it. The auto of the rapper who’s famous for his “In a Minute” song notably took the Best SUV award at the Certified Summer Car Show 2022 conducted by Whips by Wade. As seen in his photos, Lil Baby has other cars in his garage but he appeared to be… Continue Reading »


Pit26 Turns the Mercedes-AMG G63 Into A Pickup Truck

Gone is the much coveted Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 but many tuners continue to mimic the bygone pickup truck. Recently, Pit26 Motorsports unveiled its new G-Wagen creation that reminds us of the mentioned pickup, except, of course, the extra axle. The tuner’s latest tuning package is compatible with the 2019 to 2023 model years of the G550 and AMG G63. With prices starting at $385,000 this may serve as a nice alternative to the pricier G63 AMG 6×6 with over half-a-million original price tag and over a million price in auctions now. This also provides access to those who are yearning for the pickup variants of the G-Class. Pit26 makes… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared Gets Tuned By Brabus

The Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared is a unique and capable SUV that stands out for its off-road prowess, high performance, unique styling, and luxury features. It’s a vehicle that combines the best of both worlds in its own unique way, such as the ruggedness of an off-roader and the refinement of an iconic luxury SUV. Now, add to these the expertise of Brabus in tuning, and it stands out even more. Here are the key features of its new package for the most powerful variant of the G-Class 4×4 Squared: Off-Road Capabilities The G-Class 4×4 Squared is designed to excel in off-road conditions. Its four-wheel drive system, locking differentials, and… Continue Reading »


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