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Pit26 Turns the Mercedes-AMG G63 Into A Pickup Truck

Gone is the much coveted Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 but many tuners continue to mimic the bygone pickup truck. Recently, Pit26 Motorsports unveiled its new G-Wagen creation that reminds us of the mentioned pickup, except, of course, the extra axle. The tuner’s latest tuning package is compatible with the 2019 to 2023 model years of the G550 and AMG G63. With prices starting at $385,000 this may serve as a nice alternative to the pricier G63 AMG 6×6 with over half-a-million original price tag and over a million price in auctions now. This also provides access to those who are yearning for the pickup variants of the G-Class. Pit26 makes… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared Gets Tuned By Brabus

The Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared is a unique and capable SUV that stands out for its off-road prowess, high performance, unique styling, and luxury features. It’s a vehicle that combines the best of both worlds in its own unique way, such as the ruggedness of an off-roader and the refinement of an iconic luxury SUV. Now, add to these the expertise of Brabus in tuning, and it stands out even more. Here are the key features of its new package for the most powerful variant of the G-Class 4×4 Squared: Off-Road Capabilities The G-Class 4×4 Squared is designed to excel in off-road conditions. Its four-wheel drive system, locking differentials, and… Continue Reading »


887-HP Mercedes-AMG G63 Coupe Unveiled By Mansory

While a lot of fans of the three-pointed star marque are eagerly anticipating the coming of the long overdue Mercedes-Benz G-Class coupe or Baby G-Class, Mansory just unveiled its own version of the vehicle. Recently, the German tuner its own take on the two-door Mercedes-AMG G63 in the form of the Gronos Coupe EVO C. Exterior Mansory is known to be a hit or miss in its works, but who could really blame them? As long as people cater even to their most absurd offerings, its specialists will just continue making them. Unfortunately, the G-Class Coupe here shows a ridiculous amount of upgrades that totally erase its iconic identity. Right… Continue Reading »


Mercedes CEO Thinks There’s Demand For A Baby G-Class

It’s been a decade since Mercedes-Benz previewed its Ener-G-Force concept, which was geared to be the blueprint of a future G-Class model. Some expected it to be a more compact, more environment-friendly, and electrified version of the iconic SUV. Fast-forward to the present, this may be an opportune time to create the production version of the unit. What we got though was the GLB. While the GLB does share the same proportions as the G-Class, it’s hard to see any other relation between the two. It turns out that all hope is not lost for the baby G-Class yet. Mercedes CEO Ola Källenius revealed that he is pushing for a… Continue Reading »


Yay Or Nay: “Candy Cigar” Mercedes-Benz G-Class Brabus G900 Render

Vehicle tuning is a free for all affair as long as you have the money for the project and the courage to face what your auto has become in the end. However, as the saying goes, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” The latest render for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class made by automotive artist 412donklife on Instagram dubbed as the “Candy Cigar” Mercedes-Benz Brabus G900 just so happens to give us an idea of the results when one gets overzealous in customizing the SUV. Sure, the G-Wagen is one of the most popular creations of the three-pointed star marque that’s just begging to be tuned for some people. However,… Continue Reading »


Jay Leno Test Drives the Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared

In one of the recent contents produced by Jay Leno’s Garage, the titular host of the show featured a review of the Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared wherein he also spent time behind its wheel. Leno was all-praises to this version of the iconic SUV and called it “pretty amazing”. What makes the AMG G63 4×4 Squared stand out from the other versions of the G-Class is its hand-built engine. Then, it comes with three locking differentials found in the front, center, and rear. Next, it has a permanent four-wheel-drive configuration to ensure its maximum power delivery and traction. In addition, it is fitted with 22-inch wheels wrapped in 325 mm… Continue Reading »


The Brabus Mercedes-AMG G63 Is Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

The new all-red Mercedes-AMG G63 of Brabus may be late for Christmas but it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. Now rechristened as the Brabus 800, this high-performance G-Class is also packing more output thanks to a major tune in its system. Here are the key features of the new Brabus 800 based on the AMG G63: Exterior The Brabus 800 truly stands out with its Widestar body kit dominated by satin red with black accents. It features new parts including a revised front grille with the “B” logo, hood with twin vents, twin LED lights mounted on the roof above the windshield, front bumper with bigger intakes on the… Continue Reading »


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