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Take a Look at the Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG-Based BRABUS 800 Roadster

German tuner BRABUS has just released its latest offering: the BRABUS 800 Roadster, based on the Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG. True to its name, the car, which will be shown off at the Geneva auto show next week, gets to 800 horsepower  thanks to its BRABUS-tuned 12-cylinder bi-turbo 6.0-liter V12 engine. The BRABUS T65 RS tuning allows the engine to reach optimum performance. The engine contains specially developed high-performance manifolds, with high-perf turbochargers and integrated turbine housings. In addition, there are four intercoolers. The BRABUS 800 Roadster features a custom stainless-steel high-perf exhaust system outfitted with free-flow metal catalysts as well as ceramic tailpipes. Drivers can switch nearly instantly between discrete… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG GLE and GLS Gets 800 HP From Brabus

After bringing the output of the  Mercedes-AMG E 63 S to 800 hp, Brabus released another tuning package that gives the same amount of power to the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S and the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 luxury SUVs. The extra oomph is also complemented by some tweaks on the exterior and interior designs of the autos. Here’s a quick look at what the latest package of Brabus has in store for the AMG GLE and GLS: Power Fresh from the Mercedes factory, the AMG GLE 63 S and AMG GLS 63 are powered by the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that peaks at 603 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque…. Continue Reading »


Brabus Unlocks 800 HP From The Mercedes-AMG E63 S

The E-Class may not be sitting on the pinnacle of the Mercedes-Benz hierarchy as its top spot is reserved for the S-Class, but its maker certainly didn’t skimp on its luxurious features and performance. Currently, the range-topping unit of the lineup is the Mercedes-AMG E63 S with 603 hp. Seeing more room for improvement in its powerplant, Brabus managed to squeeze out around 800 hp from it. The German tuner calls its creation the “Brabus 800”. The numbers in its name obviously have reference to its new output. Like its namesake—the Brabus 800 Widestar based on the Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV—the latest package offers a sportier and more sinister aura to… Continue Reading »


The Brabus G800 Shows Its Moves in a Video

Around two years ago, Brabus got its hands on a 2013 Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG. The tuner gave it a major engine boost and rechristened it as the Brabus G800 Widestar Designo. The Brabus G800 was unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show in 2013. What made it stand out was its souped up V12 engine. The Mercedes G65 AMG already possesses quite a power in its 6.0-liter biturbo V12. The unit allows it to produce up to 612 hp and a thousand Newton meters of torque. That alone makes it not for the faint of heart. Seeing more room for improvement, Brabus brought up its output by more than a hundred… Continue Reading »


Brabus Mercedes G65 800 Displayed At Al Ain Class Motors Showroom

Al Ain Class Motors is well-known for putting a number of uniquely-designed luxury vehicles on display in its showroom in Dubai. These distinctive luxury vehicles have won the admiration of many luxury vehicle enthusiasts, and the exotic car dealer does not appear to slow down as it continues to display more of these vehicles in its showroom. After displaying a superb-looking Mercedes-AMG GT S with the Brilliant Blue Metallic finish, the exotic vehicle dealer recently put a Brabus Mercedes G65 800 on display, according to a report from The Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG is already a notable vehicle in itself since a limited number was produced by the luxury vehicle… Continue Reading »


Brabus Introduces Its New Extreme Off-Road Mercedes-AMG G63 Pickup

Brabus just unveiled its new tuning program for the Mercedes-AMG G63, turning the iconic SUV into a stylish and muscular pickup truck. Looking at its new work, some will probably agree with us if we say that this should have been the right direction for the three-pointed star’s pickup truck series instead of going with the Nissan Navara-based Mercedes-Benz X-Class, which ultimately failed to gain significant traction in the market. The tuned high-performance G-Class aptly called the “Brabus 800 XLP” features a massive cosmetic overhaul. As its name hints, it is finished in Diamond White Pearl paint. The pickup is also equipped with Brabus’ Widestar body kit that includes a… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG G63 Transformed Into a High-Performance Pickup by Brabus

After the Mercedes-Benz X-Class was axed due to its underperformance in the market, there’s now a void in the pickup segment of the three-pointed star marque. But for those who are looking for a pickup from the German brand, they might want to consider the new 800 Adventure XLP Superblack of Brabus based on the Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV. The new Brabus AMG G63 is defined by its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that has been tuned to deliver a total of 789 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque. Together with the standard nine-speed automatic transmission, the boost brings the SUV from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.8 seconds and gives… Continue Reading »


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