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Inden Design’s SL 63 AMG tuning kit

The SL63 AMG is something you won’t want to keep your hands from. That is exactly the case with the boys down at Inden Design who have decided to create a high-performance wide body tuning kit for the hardtop roadster. And guess what? They’ve already put a price tag on it—19,000 euros in its most basic form. Optional additions include a €3,500 bonnet, an €800 carbon fiber rear diffuser, and a €999 apron for the front. Labor would cost you around €8,000, while another €7,500 is needed to get your car a lacquer finish. Add all that up and you get to around €38,000 total. It doesn’t end there, though…. Continue Reading »


Next-gen Mercedes A-Class To Borrow Design from Both Concept Fascination and F800 Showcars

Things are looking good for the much sensationalized Mercedes-Benz A-Class. While majority of the motoring world have been drawn back since the Silver Arrow announced that they would be modifying its compact segment entry, there are reports that the German carmaker is planning to associate design cues from a few of its more prominent concepts into the look of the new pint sizer. Based on the Detroit Bureau, the A-Class will be based from both the F800 and Concept Fascination prototypes. Though it is not confirmed whether that means that the final product would be released in both four door and hatchback or if the actual car would be a… Continue Reading »


220 Actros units for shipment to Lehnkering logistics in Poland

You’ve heard how the Vans division of Mercedes-Benz is fairing (really well) throughout their global sales markets. Well, the company’s Trucks division ain’t going to let themselves lose out to their companions, especially now that the demand for trucks is soaring sky high. And so far, they’ve done very well by securing their largest ever request order—220 Mercedes-Benz Actros units—for delivery to Lehnkering, a logistics company in Europe. The fleet will be sent by Mercedes-Benz by packaging through CharterWay delivery. Lehnkering is a company that has been linked to Mercedes-Benz for over 60 years. Now that the company has once again decided to build its truck fleet and truck-related services… Continue Reading »


G-Wagons awaiting delivery to Australian Defense Force

At ease, soldier! ‘Tiz the new role of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon in the Australian Defense Force. It’s now running about its paces around defense sites all over the Land Down Under, and it’s undoubtedly garnering positive points. The Australian military is subjecting the G-Wagon under an intensive training, err, test program to make sure that it’ll perform up to standards in future missions. Actually, it’s also being tested in Germany and Austria, everywhere from scientific measuring of noise and emissions, brake and steering performance at very high speeds, as well as preparation of an optional armor upgrade just in case things get too hot in the line of duty. Mercedes-Benz… Continue Reading »


Vans sales enjoying record growth all over global market

The economy’s pretty much back on track in most advanced countries, and that has created a rebound of demand for goods and services, especially in the transportation industry. The van segment has been positively affected by the growth in demand, and that pretty much explains why Mercedes-Benz Vans is enjoying increased sales the world over. Over 106,000 units have so far been sold in the period starting from January to June this year, registering a 50% plus increase in sales compared to the same period last year. The company owes much of this success to Latin American countries whose economies have so far been growing quite well. Sales in Latin… Continue Reading »


The Future of Mercedes-Benz Design

Let’s take a peek at what’s in store for Mercedes-Benz, shall we? The image you see above is the company’s way of stating what the next stage of their design is going to be. The art sculpture, made entirely of resin, was inspired heavily by Mother Nature, as well as the art deco style back in the 1930s. You’re all very familiar with the way cars nowadays, not only Mercedes-Benz, are styled in a sort of forward-leaning wedge shape. Looking at the sculpture, it seems the company is leaving the edgy path and headed into a more smooth, natural design language. When interviewed about the art sculpture, Mercedes-Benz Design Chief… Continue Reading »


Pagani C9 prototype to sport gullwing doors

You just can’t get enough of spy photos, can you? Well, here’s more, but it ain’t Mercedes-Benz. Well, technically, Pagani super cars use Mercedes-Benz engines, so that in essence makes them close kin, and earns them the right to be in Benz Insider. So here’s the latest bit of Pagani news. Have you ever seen a Pagani Zonda super car parked on the street with its doors swung so arrogantly wide? Well, you better relish that moment, because soon you’ll see something different. Something so wild that you’ll get the feeling you’re looking at a far relative of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG—on the Zonda’s replacement, that is. This spy photo… Continue Reading »


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