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Schumacher penalized at the Monaco Grand Prix

After the safety car came in following some mishap between Karun Chandhok and Jarno Trulli, the track was ready to pass the checkered flag under the SC. Unfortunately, the Mercedes Benz SC went in the pits a couple more meters before the finish line which gave Schumacher the chance to overtake Alonso. After the race stewards determined Michael Schumacher’s move in the last remaining meters of the race was against the rules, Fernando Alonso placed 6th place in the Monaco Grand Prix. The FIA released a statement saying that Schumacher’s overtaking tactic received a 20 second penalty. Based on the rule 40.13 of the F1 regulation declares that “if the… Continue Reading »


Monaco GP: Disappointing finish for Mercedes GP

We came, we saw, they conquered. That’s is installed in the minds of Mercedes GP Petronas drivers Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher as they finished the Monaco Grand Prix in seventh and twelfth places respectively yesterday, following an action-packed race around the Monte Carlo streets. The Monaco Grand Prix is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world. And it was important for Mercedes GP Petronas to make a good impression. Rosberg started from sixth and Schumacher from seventh place on the grid, hoping their position will elevate their rankings. But Lady luck didn’t shine on them as they had their share… Continue Reading »


The Best of SLS AMG Reporter

Ever wonder if there’s one certain individual who knows everything about Mercedes Benz? Well meet Matthew K.,  He is one of the editors of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG staff and popular website His extraordinary passion for speed, cars and excitement makes the readers crave for more. Having access to some of  the most exciting SLS AMG information and events Matthew will document all his behind-the-scenes knowledge on this blog to share it with everybody who is equally excited about the sports car. Just recently, SLS AMG Reporter have compiled the best videos and articles done by Matthew K. From Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Tokyo, California, Abu Dhabi, Berlin, and New York…. Continue Reading »


Carbon fiber and CGI to be used on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles by 2015

Every automaker is concerned about the future, and for Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz, the future is filled with exciting new developments in engine technology and innovations in lightweight materials. None other than Daimler AG Product Innovation and Process Technologies, Group Research and Advanced Engineering Vice President Shweta Bhanot predicts that by 2015, Mercedes-Benz vehicles will offer even better performance thanks to lightweight materials, while producing less carbon dioxide emissions. How will they pull this off? Through aluminum and carbon fiber, of course. With less weight to push around, engines will work more efficiently and thus burn less fuel to produce power. Bhanot also shares that they’re considering offering their Charge… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Trucks all set for upcoming Euro-6 emissions standards

As the drive for cleaner and greener drivetrain systems push forth, automakers are struggling to find better ways of manufacturing engines. Thereby also comes the challenge of making their products affordable to the automobile-needy masses. And so, Mercedes-Benz decides to issue an early warning for its truck clients. Once the Euro-6 emissions legislation comes into effect, there will be an unavoidable price increase. The new standards will be implemented on ALL vehicle types come January of 2013 and will include all new vehicles registered up till December. To meet Euro-6 standards, European truck manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, are looking at huge costs amounting to as much as 8 billion Euros, 1… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Naples Golf Tournament raises money for community school

Who said golf is only for the rich and powerful? If you take a little time to understand the sport, you’ll learn that it’s not always about a bunch of athletes having someone follow them around with a bag of clubs and an umbrella. There’s actually a lot of charity involved in the sport, as shown recently by Mercedes-Benz. This year’s beneficiary of the Mercedes-Benz of Naples’ Golf Tournament is the Community School of Naples. The tournament, held at the Kensington Golf & Country Club, raised a $7,000 check. It was handed over to Community School Director of Development Carla Costa by Mercedes-Benz of Naples Tournament Director Curtiss Alden. The… Continue Reading »


Famous cars up for bidding at Mecum Spring Classic

Are you in the business of collecting famous antiques? Well, then here’s a fine example. This 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE was used in the film The Hangover where three men and a husband-to-be drove all the way to Las Vegas for the groom’s bachelor party. And now, it’s for auction. Sounds like fun? It sure does. Along for the ride in the Mecum Spring Classic Auction are Cobras from Iron Man the Movie, Formula One cars from Charlie’s Angels (fake, of course), and, believe it or not, two, yes two Knight Rider KITTs. Awesome! Just to brief you in on the event, the Mecum’s Original Spring Classic Auction is held yearly… Continue Reading »


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