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Daimler Vans to start selling 16-passenger Sprinters

What better way to transport your family of fifteen than on the new Daimler Sprinter. Boasting of a 16-passenger capacity, this van is designed to rough it out on hotel shuttle duties, paramedic transport and any other job that requires plenty of cabin room plus, reliable service. Spokesman for Mercedes-Benz USA Dan Barile reveals that the Sprinter will offer four interior configurations to boost its versatility. These would include a wheelchair lift that’ll be able to stand up to eight people’s weight. The Sprinter promises to be one of the toughest, full-sized vans getting 188 horses from a 3-liter V6 turbodiesel. It’s part of Daimler Vans’ fleet of heavy-duty vehicles… Continue Reading »


New C-Class to hit market in 2014

The facelifted C-Class is set to hit the market next year. The current W204 will be enhanced and have some minor exterior styling changes such as new alloy wheels, LED lights and front fascia. The interior will be updated together with some mechanical upgrades. The new generation C-Class will be launched in 2014. The new sedan will inherit its design from the F800 concept. The futuristic design of the F800 concept will influence the new range of Mercedes to come. The new C-Class will be sharing all the innovative safety features from its big brother, the new E-Class. A wide array of engines like a three cylinder, a couple of direct… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz says no Schumi withdrawal

There’s an old saying that it’s wise to quit while you’re ahead. Seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher seemed to agree on that back in 2006 when he left behind his legacy. Things were going pretty smoothly for the most accomplished F1 champion – a consultancy stint at Maranello, freedom to join other racing events, and all the time in the world to ride super bikes at, forgive the pun, breakneck speeds. But then one fateful day, it suddenly occurred to him that he wasn’t cut out for retirement. Not yet. Schumi was itching to get back into an F1 car and show them youngsters how it’s done. Supposedly…. Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz’s four pots to empower future Infiniti G models

One way to keep your business growing is to enter deals with larger companies. That’s exactly what Renault-Nissan has done by deciding to ride along with Daimler AG. A big chunk of their deal is sharing of each other’s resources. In the automotive industry, that mainly refers to engines, hopefully. It happens everywhere, even in the pinnacle of motorsports, Formula One. For Renault-Nissan, it’s realizing a dream. Despite whatever price they have to pay, Nissan’s, or rather, Infiniti’s G-range models will soon be boasting four bangers made by none other than Mercedes-Benz. Yes, folks, its German engineering at its finest, straight from Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn’s mouth. This is, of… Continue Reading »


BenzInsider at the Mercedes-Benz Brand Workshop – Day 2

Just like they did on day 1 of the Brand Workshop, Mercedes-Benz picked us up with a half-dozen Viano shuttle buses from our Le Meridien Hotel in downtown Stuttgart and took us straight to the Design Center in Sindelfingen. Driving by the manufacturing plants, we spotted around 40 or so brand new Mercedes-Benz SLS’ parked and awaiting delivery to their customers (pic available here). Upon arrival to the Design Center building, we had to surrender all our cameras and phones. A professional photographer took the below pictures, which of course were later reviewed by the Mercedes directors to see that no vital information were to be leaked. After a small… Continue Reading »


BenzInsider at the Mercedes-Benz Brand Workshop – Day 1

Mercedes-Benz kicked off their first ever Brand Workshop this week in Stuttgart. We were among the bloggers to participate in the two-day event, and will now try to give you a short but sweet outline of what took place. You might be surpised when I tell you that there were only about three or four automotive bloggers in the group of roughtly 30 participants. Besides BenzInsider, an associate from our good friends over at was there, as well as Rob from The rest of the participants was a mix of art, fashion, design, and green news bloggers. (That’s me talking to the futurologist Alexander Mankowsky) So why leave… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz holds exclusive workshop in Stuttgart – BenzInsider is among the participants

Automotive journalists are inarguably the most fortunate in the lot of bearers of (both good and) bad news. Why? Well, simply because they always get first shot at all new things in the automotive industry, literally. They get to drive new cars and report all their rants and raves about them. Well, at least the most celebrated journalists. The likes of Jay Leno and Top Gear head honcho Jeremy Clarkson are two of the most popular (or overrated) examples. For the rest, such rare opportunities are more a dream than just another afternoon appointment. So getting invited to a workshop by Mercedes-Benz would level with winning the lottery. Although, our… Continue Reading »


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