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Mansory Releases Its Version Of The CLS 63 AMG

One of the tuner cars that made an appearance at the recent Geneva Motor Show was Mansory’s version of the Mercedes CLS AMG. Having broken ground with its 4-door coupe concept, the CLS is a refreshing departure from the more traditional body designs that manufacturers have adhered to throughout the years. Followers of the tuning scene know that Mansory does not take baby steps when it lays its hands on a car, and this Mansory Mercedes CLS 63 AMG is no exception. The first thing that your eyes will land on is the carbon fiber body that radically alters the CLS’s looks. Complementing the kit is a set of 20-inch… Continue Reading »


Journo Rearends SLS AMG With A C63 AMG

Designating a fleet of cars as test drive mules is a necessity in the automotive business, more so if an automaker like Mercedes seeks to curry positive reviews with the local automotive press. China being a major market for the German automaker, Mercedes recently deemed that a test day was necessary for a couple of high performance vehicles from its AMG division. The venue was at the Zhuhai racetrack, which is a pretty decent track even by international standards. So Mercedes-AMG must have been pretty confident that handing out keys to various test drivers during its SLS AMG Trak Xperience would go pretty smoothly. But no. Two journalists managed to… Continue Reading »


Perfect Partner Campaign Highlights Mercedes Vito Van

BenzInsider fan and creative artist Tom Ward recently called to our attention a couple of videos he and his team put together to portray the Mercedes Vito Van as the perfect partner for industry and commerce. In the video entitled Courier, a delivery man is shown becoming agitated over a bird dropping. With utter disregard for the packages in his care, this courier rummages over the contents of the packages in order to find a suitable rag to wipe away the filth on his Vito’s windshield. Satisfied over his handiwork, the courier leaves the packages strewn by the roadside to step back into his beloved Vito. Another video, titled Builders… Continue Reading »


On Youtube: FAB Design’s SLS Roadster Jetstrem

Youtuber Alex Molik, covered the supercar called the SLS Roadter Jetstrem by FAB Design. The amazing car is based on Gullstream, a body kit for the SLS Coupe version. It is painted in red which made it lovely. New wings, diffuser, rear bumper and LED lights made this car even more attractive. The Swiss tuner also upgraded the car’s engine to 607HP, which is originally only 563HP.


Mercedes R231 SL 63 AMG Roadster in Geneva

The brand new SL 63 AMG became the crowd favorite when it was shown in the Geneva International Motor Show. Why not, it gives everyone what they want in a car — power and luxury. Add that to an aluminum body, what more can you ask for? The car has great paintjob, aluminum wheels in black, carbon fiber rear and interior with red leather. The engine is now a 5.5 L twin-turbo V8 engine, which means that it’s faster and mightier than the original version.


The New A-Class on Video

One of the most awaited launch in the Geneva International Motor Show is the Mercedes A-Class.  See why this is called the most dynamic car in the compact class by watching the video. said that it will be released in the market on June 15.  


Bullit: The Fastest and Most Expensive C63 AMG by Brabus

Today, tuner Brabus announced the fastest and the most luxurious C-Class Coupe called Bullit. A body based on the C63 AMG but with an engine like no other. The V12 Biturbo engine that produces 800HP replaced the 6.3L V8 engine. It also has 1,420Nm of torque which helps the supercar to launch from 0 to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds and 200 km/h in 9.8 seconds. The top speed is at 370 km/h. The interior can be customized, as you can choose from Alcantara, leather and carbon fiber. Again, this is a luxurious car, thus it comes with a hefty price tag. €449,820. Watch the video of Bullit live from the… Continue Reading »


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