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CLS63 AMG makes debut in LA 2010

We told you earlier, didn’t we? The highlight of this year’s LA Auto Show is no other than the 2012 CLS63 AMG—a sedan that has a twin-turbo V8 under the hood that demands pure respect and admiration. The M157 engine, AMG’s brand new brainchild, is a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 can churn out up to 518 horsepower plus 516 lb-ft torque. That’s the base form, mind you. Put in AMG’s Performance Package and you get 14.5 to 18.8 psi boost, upping the power to 550 horses and 590 lb-ft torque. Couple it with AMG’s 7-gear Speedshift MCT automatic gearbox and you’ll be counting seconds past 4.4 once you hit sixty. Oh… Continue Reading »


Shanghai to host first ever AMG Driving Academy in Asia

Are you a resident of China? Then perhaps you want to experience driving a real Mercedes-Benz on a real racetrack. All you have to do sign up for the AMG Driving Academy, which is now coming to China this November. The event will launch on November 19 and last for five days. It’ll be held at the Shanghai International Circuit, with around 150 AMG clients and enthusiasts who have already signed up. This is the first time the AMG Driving Academy will be holding courses in Asia, so you’d better be part of it. The first three days of the driving event will be committed to Basic Training, where participants… Continue Reading »


Vettel disobeys team suggestions – wins 2010 F1 World Championship

The youngest ever to win the Formala One World Championship, Sebastian Vettel was ecstatic as he cried into this radio upon crossing the finish line in Abu Dhabi. The 23-year-old German entered Sunday’s race as an underdog to Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber in terms of points, and was actually suggested by his team to let his teammate pass during the race. That order was never carried out, and Vettel kept his pace all the way from pole to finish, banking on a crucial strategic mistake on the part of Ferrari. The safety car came out early during competition which played a key role in Vettels win. Vitaly Petrovs amazing… Continue Reading »


Best technicians go head to head in Global TechMasters PC

What happens when you pit two talented individuals in a contest? You get to see what they’re really made of, that’s what. Competition brings out the best out of people. And just when you think they’ve done their very best, they do better. That’s what Global TechMasters PC 2010 is all about. The very best of Mercedes-Benz service employees and technicians will go head to head against each other for this prestigious championship to be crowned the ‘best of the best’ technical team in the world that can work on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. They’ll be judged based on their skills and talents related to auto repair and maintenance. This year’s… Continue Reading »


Daimler renames financial arm in the US

What’s in a name? More than you can imagine, apparently, especially when it comes to brands. Daimler’s financial branch in the US, aptly name Daimler Financial Services, will no longer be called as such. The German premium car manufacturer has to decided to do away with the old name and in with the new—Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA. Business partners need not worry as to whether the name change will affect ongoing contracts or operations. Business is usual for the US company, providing financial services for all of Daimler’s operations in the US, namely Mercedes-Benz USA, Smart USA and Daimler Trucks North America. The company wanted to start with a ‘clean… Continue Reading »


Schumacher unscathed after crash

Michael Schumacher’s accident on the opening lap for the last race of the Formula 1 2010 season could have been more disastrous had it not been for the safety shells of the cars.  His Mercedes GP spun out of control when he went off line to a lane that had much dirt. With their speed coming out of the curve, Vitantonio Liuzzi, who did not see him spin, slammed right into his stationary car. Liuzzi’s Force India-Mercedes left front wheel missed Shumacher’s helmet by just a few inches!  Both cars were virtually total wrecks, fortunately the drivers came out of it unscathed.  Schumi went for a precautionary check up at… Continue Reading »


The most realistic driving simulator ever

Is it just us, or are we as drawn to car simulators as we are to the real thing? We’re sure we speak for the rest of you as well. We’re sure you’ve had your fair share of sleepless nights playing Gran Turismo or Need for Speed. What we’re about to share with you is definitely something you haven’t, and will likely never be able to, try out. It’s Mercedes-Benz’s latest technological innovation in the race towards building the perfect automobile—a professional driving simulator. This simulator uses a 360-degree range of landscape imagery as well as twelve meters of rail for transverse motion. We’re sorry to disappoint you by saying… Continue Reading »


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