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New political party in Germany may put cap on Autobahn

There is a new force to be reckoned with in Germany, especially to Mercedes-Benz owners wanting to keep their engine revving happily. The Green Party has risen to power in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and word is that they’re planning to put a cap on the maximum speed limit on portions on the Autobahn which are currently limitless. How tight of a cap? Let’s just say aroud 120 kph, or roughly 74.5 mph. Yes, this may sound like a joke, especially to owners of cars whose engines have a number of cylinders equal to or greater than six. Such a limit means not being able to shift into top… Continue Reading »


Daimler posts strong Q1 ender in the US

Everyone has been waiting in anticipation for Daimler to post its performance in the US market, especially after its rivals BMW, Volkswagen and Audi have all spread word about their share of the American pie. But, as anyone would expect from one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, the German based marquee has done pretty nicely in the States the previous month. Actually, it’s one of the company’s best yet in the land of the free. Having sold exactly 22,971 Mercedes-Benz and Smart units combined, last month’s sales are up by 11 percent compared to March of 2010. That brings the number of new Mercedes-Benz owners in the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Recalls M-Class And Sprinter Vans

Mercedes-Benz is recalling 136,751 2000-2002 M-Class and 2000-2004 M-Class AMG models after reports of the cruise control function not automatically turning after hitting the brakes. The recall was intitiated after a preliminary investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in December last year. The the problem is reportedly caused by a failed brake lamp switch, which not only causes the cruise control issue but also prevents the vehicle being shifted out of park. As a result, Daimler AG has issued a technical service bulletin to replace the faulty brake lamp switch. Affected customers will have their faulty switches replaced when the recall begins in September. The NHTSA also has… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Accessories Launches New Wheel Collection

In time with the change of season, Mercedes-Benz Accessories has launched their collection of new wheel designs featuring new, bichromatic wheels in a single-tone paint finish. Says Klaus Frenzel, who oversees design development for new wheel models at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Center, “Both the studies by our colleagues at the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design studios throughout the world and intensive market research reveal one and the same picture. Bichromatic wheels are becoming ever more popular.” As of March 2011, the new light-alloy wheels available are: SLK-Class 43.2 cm (17″) Incenio 10-spoke wheel with Bichromatic palladium silver / high-sheen finish Wheel size 7.5J x 17 ET 42 / tyre size 225/45 R17… Continue Reading »


F-Cell World Drive Reaches The Land Of Oz

The F-Cell’s World Drive journey pushes forward with its arrival in Australia, after spending March in the North American continent. The three F-Cells will continue the epic event by traveling from Sydney to Perth via Melbourne and Adelaide. The Australian leg will last 13 days, and cover 5,000 kilometers. From Perth, the trio of F-Cells with head on to the Chinese mainland, where they will be as much a marketing exercise as a demonstration into the benefits of hydrogen power. The arrival in China is timed to coincide with the Shanhai Auto Show. According to Herbert Kohler, Daimler chief of E-Drive & Future Mobility, “One major advantage of fuel cell… Continue Reading »


Careless driver wrecks brand-new SLS AMG

What do you do right after you purchase a $200,000 SLS AMG, well you take it for a spin of course. This is exactly what this fella did and look what happened to his SLS AMG after he was done. I can image that the repair work will cost more than a brand new Benz, so let’s hope he’s insured and the the insurance company will actually pay for the damages, especially considering this happened in Tuzla, Bosnia. Believe it or not, there are people there that can afford such exotic cars; wonder how they got that much money. Luckily there were no injuries as the 36 year-old driver hit… Continue Reading »


SLS GT3 Racer Passes Crash Test Requirements

Part of today’s motorsports requirements is crash safety and to this end, Mercedes has worked to meet the safety requirements of the upcoming Nurburgring Endurance Championships by having it SLS AMG GT3 undergo extensive crash testing to confirm that the racer is in compliance with these standards. According Daimler, “All the tests conducted by the Mercedes Benz safety specialists are more stringent by far than those prescribed for racing cars by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile).” The picture released by the company even shows an SLS being used as the battering ram to test the race car’s side impact resistance. The safety tests include front, side and rear impact… Continue Reading »


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