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SLK 55 AMG Streetfighter Seen In The Flesh

A few posts ago, we announced to you the Diavel/SLK 55 AMG pairing, which is the result of the Ducati/AMG collaboration. Now, a video has come out of the Streetfighter SLK 55 AMG which was taken at a recent car show. In the flesh, the SLK55 AMG looks like it’s ready to take on multiple opponents, as its moniker implies. Decked out in Ducati’s yellow and black Streetfighter combination, this SLK 55 AMG is uniquely styled, down to the yellow LEDs that mark the doorsills. The dashboard and the console is decked out in carbon fiber highlights to emphasize the car’s sporting intentions, and the yellow and black exterior announce… Continue Reading »


New Mercedes/Ducati Pairing Paints A Pretty Picture

Following in the heels of the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG & Ducati Diavel, we now have the pair of a Ducati Streetfighter 848 and an SLK55 AMG. It’s not uncommon for a car enthusiast to have a bike or two in the garage to satisfy his speed urges and this combination of AMG cars and Ducati bikes is an example of a Michelin star pairing. By themselves, these two rides are exemplary sample of the high performance art. Even if the mechanical aspects of both the car and the bike are left stock, an SLK55 AMG and a Ducati’s performance are certainly nothing to sneeze at. In combination, they would… Continue Reading »


Vath Mercedes SLK Tuning Kit Released

Although the 2012 SLK is already a pretty nice car as it is, a little bit more is much better, when it comes to upgrades. In this vein, Vath has released its bodykit, performance and interior upgrade lines for the car. As you can see, the body mods include a new front lip and rear diffuser tied together by a lowered suspension riding on 20-inch wheels.  Interior upgrades aren’t as dramatic, with just some carbon fiber trim, new floor mats and aluminum pedals. But the replacement speedometer hints at what the Vath-massaged SLK can offer the driver, as the upper reaches of the 205 mile per hour speedometer can be… Continue Reading »


“Golden Steering Wheel” Award won by M-Class and SLK

Mercedes have won many awards for its different vehicles, but the company has had so much success in the Golden Steering Wheel awards, that in fact, the company has been in the all-time winners’ list. The three star brand has won a total of 21 times. This year, Europe votes the SLK and the M-Class as the best in their categories after more than 260,000 readers of Auto Bild, Bild Am Sonntag and other European publications chose the vehicles. The awards were received by the Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler, Dr. Dieter Zetsche and Board of Managament Member of Daimler, Professor Dr. Thomas Weber. The awards night… Continue Reading »


Diesel in a Sportscar? The SLK 250 CDI Made it Possible

Before, nobody would ever think that a sportscar with a diesel engine will ever come to life. Some cannot believe that it could run that fast. But the SLK 250 CDI is now out to prove them wrong. The introduction of the new SLK 250 CDI by Mercedes-Benz not only marks the continuation of the company’s unique diesel engine heritage, but also serves to counter in impressive style the common misconception that diesel engines and sports cars are incompatible. The four-cylinder diesel engine in the Roadster delivers 150 kW (204 hp) from a displacement of just 2.2 litres to give the two-seater its characteristic sporty temperament. The sprint from zero… Continue Reading »


Project Kahn Launches Its Upgraded SLK200

Project Kahn has been known to come out with some visually outrageous creations but their SLK200 is more menacing than outrageous. For starters, the carbon fiber trim in the nose such as the splitters and grille add a more purposeful look to the car’s black paint. Further sense of purpose is added by the addition of an AMG Sport Pack consisting of front and rear bumpers and side skirts. Red calipers peek behind 20-inch Kahn RS600 wheels, whose color adds further to the all-black treatment of the car. To ensure the right stance, the suspension was lowered a bit. This SLK200 BlueEfficiency was given a 50 horsepower boost, so total… Continue Reading »


Upcoming SLK 55 AMG Proudly Features Cylinder Deactivation

The arrival of the new SLK 55 AMG is bigger news than normal because this model has been a long time coming, and its slew of features foretell the types of technologies that will be coming down the pipeline from the luxury carmaker. The new SLK is lighter, has carbon fiber trim that we’ve all come to love and has the usual luxury refinements we expect from the breed. But instead of highlighting its powerful engine or light chassis, Mercedes has chosen to highlight the cylinder management system that the SLK 55 has been endowed with. This system deactivates half of the V8’s cylinders when they’re not needed, resulting in… Continue Reading »


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