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[Video] 2012 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG vs. Mechatronik-built 1971 280SE

What happens when you put a 2012 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG side by side with a built-from-the-ground-up 1971 280SE coupe by tuner Mechatronik? Car and Driver: Tested presents us with this clash of the pillar-less titans. All you need to do is watch the video, try to decide which one you’d rather have, and be left sitting in a puddle of your own drool. Just look at the engines on those things, huh? Load the video and let Sam Smith take you through a bit of history and explore the ins and outs of these two wonders of automotive engineering and enjoy the ride (or, in this case, rides). While the… Continue Reading »


What the Merc Managers says About Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG

You will say it is but natural for employees of one company to say good things about their products. Of course, you cannot sell something that you do not believe in, right? But when Mercedes-Benz managers and executives are the ones who say nice comments about the Mercedes SL63 AMG, you can tell that they are not doing it just because they work for the three-star brand, they are saying these things because they know about cars and they truly believe in their products. From the CEO of Mercedes AMG GmbH, Ole Kallenius: “The new SL 63 AMG is another masterpiece from Mercedes-AMG. Whether driving dynamics, lightweight and efficiency –… Continue Reading »


2012 SLK predicted to hold high resale value

Auto loan buyers are well aware and are looking forward to the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK hitting showroom floors by June of this year. Meanwhile, experts in the used car market industry are already forecasting the resale value of the new SLK to remain steady for years to come thanks to the level of popularity that the model is expected to hold over buyers who are looking for used Mercedes for sale. Unlike used BMW for sale, the SLK’s rejuvenated design and aggressive style will prove to be successful beyond what its predecessors have achieved. Critics are already writing about the SLK and comparing it to the SLS AMG supercar, thus… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Bags the Sportiest Car of 2010 Award

In Affalterbach, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was victorious over some tough competitions. In the “Sportiest Cars of 2010” reader’s survey arranged by the famous car magazine Sport Auto, the gullwing model bagged the award in the “super sports”category. The vehicle garnered the 17.2 percentage of the votes, which left all other competing vehicles behind. The SLS AMG defeated various competitors from different countries like Germany, Italy, Japan, Great Britain, USA, Sweden and France, which clearly shows how famous the SLS AMG is amongst the readers. The leading series-production and performance-tuned automobiles are faced off against each other on a yearly basis in the sport auto reader’s survey. The total number… Continue Reading »


E200 CGI Estate gets high marks in Auto Trader review

One of the marks of a truly world-class luxury car is when its well-received by both fans and critics. And so, being given a positive review from a renowned automotive online trading site fares really well for a carmaker. In this case, the vehicle that was put on the hot seat is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate. The reviewer – none other than Auto with road tester Richard Dredge. The first thing they noticed upon road testing the Estate was the sheer space available for your arms and legs. You could literally stretch out and sleep overnight if you wanted to without feeling like canned tuna in the morning. The… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate dominates in Autocar mag’s SUV challenge

What happens when you pit three SUVs of the same price tag and the same target market against each other? You get one hell of an endorsement for the winning brand, and is best served cold to the losing parties. The contestants – the BMW X1, the Audi A5 Sportback and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate. Autocar magazine’s benchmark of this test was a Mercedes-Benz C250 CDI in Elegance trim, priced at 29,930 euros. In comparison, the BMW X1 xDrive23rd SE costs 29,900 euros whilst the Audi A5 Sportback in S-Line trim costs 29,975 euros. With prices are settled, let’s get into specifics. Handling and performance wise, the C250 takes the… Continue Reading »


Classic Top Gear: Review of the SL500 when it came out.

We are all waiting impatiantly for the next-gen SL, but how about taking the time and looking back at the current model. There is no better way than watching a clip from our beloved Top Gear, and seeing what they had to say about the SL500 when it first came out. This classic clip really shows how the world and Top Gear reacted to the new car and it its numerous features that were not expected from the SL. Take a moment and watch the clip, you won’t regret it.


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