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Mercedes-Benz Sets Its Goal On Going “Green”

During last week’s press conference by Mercedes-Benz at the Paris Auto Show, the German carmaker presented its CLS, which was the showcase of the event. During this time, Dieter Zetsche, Mercedes CEO and Annette Winkler, Smart Head, gave a thirty minute talk with regards to the consumer and environmental offerings of the company. But before rolling out the CLS, Mercedes first featured the Smart Ad Lib, Smart scooter, Smart bicycle, Mercedes A-Class E-Cell, and the 2.2 liter four cylinder diesel S-Class. Though there is no certain time limit on this project, it is guaranteed that if the company is going to compete with BMW and Audi in the emissions and… Continue Reading »


Maybach 57S-based Xenatec Coupe Revealed

A German engineering firm has presented to the public this £586,000 Maybach 57S-based Xenatec Coupe. Seen only in several official sketches in the past, the automobile has been manufactured for those who chooses to enjoy the Maybach experience from the driver’s seat. The Xenatec coupe, created with the approval of Daimler, will be limited to only 100 hand-built vehicles. Its foundation are similar as the 57S, as is its twin-turbocharged 6.0 V12 engine, but important modifications have been done to its bodywork, design and engineering. Its doors have been altered for convenient access for rear passengers, while the front and rear screens have also been redesigned to allow the coupe… Continue Reading »


Maybach 57 and 62 now available in South Korea

South Korea is one of Daimler AG’s booming markets, and that’s why effective immediately they have introduced their latest Maybach sedan models to the Korean crowd. The lineup consists of the Maybach 57 and the Maybach 62 whose 5.5-liter engine come alive peaking at 551hp. This is a V12 engine, folks, so it’s no pussy on the highway. With just 5.4 seconds, it can bring you from a full stop to 60 miles per hour. If you’re wondering what the price tags are on these exquisite German premiums, the Mayback 57 will fetch you around 570 million won (roughly US$496,000). With that amount comes a hefty reclining back seat, which… Continue Reading »


The Maybach Returns With a New Vehicle Lineup

Even though the Maybach brand is still up and running, it has sort of laid low from the automotive world with regards to releasing of new models. Other than minor modifications to its line at the start of 2010, Maybach is slowly becoming, for a corporate standpoint, what resulted to Mercury in time for Ford: a slowly dissipating brand, one which provides almost identical features as another, more noteworthy and lower priced model. This will probably change. Based on the news, Mercedes-Benz is gearing up for a latest lineup of Maybach models, which will be presented to the market by 2013. Part of the showcase are 20 new Mercedes automobiles… Continue Reading »


Maybach on full support for star photographer David LaChapelle

Things couldn’t get any better for star photographer David LaChapelle, as he has got the backing of German luxury car manufacturer Maybach in his mentorship of another talented photographer, Garret Suhrie, whose international career is now taking off. Suhrie’s job as LaChapelle’s apprentice? To re-interpret the “Exposure of Luxury”, one of LaChapelle’s famous pieces. The project is also part of LaChapelle’s partnership with Maybach, which started in 2009 and bore fruit in the form of the “Exposure to Luxury” and “Berlin Stories”, works the artist created to showcase Mayback’s luxury saloons. LaChapelle’s task as Suhrie’s mentor is to expose him to the daily grind of working with Maybach, helping him create… Continue Reading »


Maybach Releases Eyewear Collection

Luxury carmaker Maybach is now offering lifestyle accessories for its clients. Presently, the company has ventured in an eyewear collection, produced together with German specialist IVKO. In addition to the top of the line accessories range by Maybach, the glasses are described by one of the following “expensive” sounding words: leather, fine wood, natural horn, titaniun, 18-carat white, yellow and rose gold and Zeiss lenses. To provide the glasses an automotive touch, Maybach stated that is has instructed IVKO to take motivation from the luxury cars it has released to the public. Based on the carmaker, one example is the “leather-trimmed arms that features an artistically inset Maybach logo, metal… Continue Reading »


Maybach to launch Limited Edition 57S Coupe

So, you thought Maybach would just quietly recess into the past. Well, you are not alone who thinks this way. With their current sales chart figures, everyone in the auto industry is predicting the demise of the ultra luxury brand. However, chaps at the design department of Maybach have something altogether different in their mind. Without giving any due consideration to the current financial crisis, Mayabch (Mercedes’exclusive brand) is going up and running on a new project called the ‘Maybach 57s coupe’. The whole idea started when a Weinsberg based custom coachbuilder, Xenatec, asked Daimler’s to build a build a coupe based on the Maybach 57s sedan. Diamler has agreed… Continue Reading »


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