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The Mercedes-AMG GT is Getting a Facelift

New spy shots reveal that the Mercedes-AMG GT is receiving some changes. The high-performance coupe is still on its three years of existence in the market but AMG is refreshing its look for the next model year. The images show that the concentration of the updates will be at the back of the sports car. The car can be seen carrying a zebra camouflage at its backside. As we have been accustomed to, the covered portion of a Mercedes prototype usually indicates the area that is receiving a major overhaul. Looking at the shape of the rear bumper and its vents, the design of the new AMG GT reflects the same… Continue Reading »


2019 Mercedes-Benz EQC: Expectations Vs Reality

?? New video and spy shots reveal that the Mercedes-Benz EQC electric vehicle is nearly ready for mass production. Although most of the upcoming sport utility vehicle’s exterior features are still covered in zebra camouflage and vinyl wrap, some of its exposed areas already give us a lot of ideas of what to expect from it. Exterior Honestly, we think that the auto spied by Carscoops looks less impressive than the Concept EQC. The production version of the EQC appears to have ditched the original blue LED grille design featured on its concept. Instead, it has been replaced by a standard Mercedes grille with horizontal slats. The EQC here is… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz EQS Caught on Cam While Testing

A new Mercedes-Benz prototype was recently spotted while it was undergoing testing. The four-door vehicle is suspected to be the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQS electric vehicle (EV), which will sit on top of the EQ sub-brand. The auto in the spy shots taken by Carscoops is heavily wrapped in a combination of zebra camouflage and black canvas. The pictures are also shot from the side of the vehicle so it is hard to make out all its key features for now. However, the source claims that it is indeed the EQS. The photos suggest that the EQS may not be a compact sport utility vehicle like the EQC. Its high tail, low… Continue Reading »


Here are the New Spy Shots of the Next-Generation Mercedes-Benz CLA

The new spy shots of the Mercedes-Benz CLA are out. Again, the car was captured on photos while it was making its rounds at the Nurburgring track in Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The CLA is still heavily clad in camo, but the closeup pictures give us a clear view of its body’s outlines and the parts peeking out from its wrap. Based on the spy shots from Motor1, the single bar in the front grille indicate that we are looking at the standard Mercedes-Benz version of the auto. We can also see a pair of LED headlamps peering from the covers. A careful examination of the lumps along the side panels hint… Continue Reading »


More Spy Shots of the Mercedes-Benz GLB Found Online

Last May, we have seen the new Mercedes-Benz GLB, the GLS and the EQC in a single spy video. Recently, a series of spy shots provided us a better look at the GLB crossover. Will Utilize the MFA2 Platform Based on the spy photos from Motor1, the upcoming GLB almost looks like the next-generation GLA. That should not come as a surprise because both are using the MFA2 platform of Mercedes. It should be noted that the same architecture is used by the coming A-Class and B-Class. However, looking closely at both the GLB and the GLA would reveal that the former has a more utilitarian look. With that, the GLB is… Continue Reading »


New Spy Shots Reveal the Interior of the Next Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class was seen in a series of spy shots again. This time, the images give us a peek inside the flagship luxury car of the three-pointed star marque. Based on the spy shots of the upcoming S-Class from Carpix (via Autoblog), we can see that the car does not offer a major overhaul on its exterior. After all, the S-Class just underwent a facelift for the 2018 model year. Among the noticeable changes in the prototype were its lower and slimmer nose, as well as its lower layout of the headlamps, compared to the 2018 S-Class. There appears to be a slight adjustment in the creases of… Continue Reading »


Next-Gen Model of the Mercedes-Benz CLA Spied

A camouflaged version of what looks like the next-generation model of the Mercedes-Benz CLA was recently spied while making its rounds in Germany. The compact car in the spy shots appears in its final phase of development, which only means that its debut is near. The spy shots of Motor1 show the CLA almost completely covered in black and white zebra camo. However, the exposed parts and the contours of the vehicle already give us a clear idea of what to expect from the CLA when it makes its world premiere. What Makes the CLA Relevant After the Debut of the A-Class Sedan? It just makes sense that Mercedes will… Continue Reading »


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