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AZUTO: Cup Holder for Mercedes G-Class Luxury SUV

AZUTO specializes in creating high-quality products designed specifically for Mercedes G-Class. The Japan-based company’s products are carefully crafted to work and appear as genuine accessories for vehicles bearing the three-pointed star logo. G-Class offers great luxury and utility as a vehicle but it could also use more cup holders for convenience and to help keep things more organized.  AZUTO cup holder is designed specifically for the G-Class to match the design of the interior.  Unlike generic cup holders, it uses an installation kit to ensure perfect fit and attaches flush against the vent. Cup Holder for W463A (Post 2019 redesign) – Find HERE Cup Holder for W463 (Prior to 2019… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz G-Class Shows Amazing Swimming and Climbing Abilities

There is no other SUV within the three-pointed star marque that exudes the same level of iconic appeal as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Don’t let its boxy body and classy appearance fool you though because the auto is built even for rugged journeys. What you are about to see here is the G-Class being driven over different obstacles. The first model used in the video is not even the G500, but the 2018 G400d version of the SUV. The G400d shows how it can easily tread on a body of water without the driver breaking a sweat, and then going up to 30 degrees inclination on rough terrain without any trouble… Continue Reading »


Cristiano Ronaldo Poses with his Brabus Mercedes-AMG G63

Cristiano Ronaldo was recently pictured posing beside his 2020 Brabus Mercedes-AMG G63 with just a few days left before the kickoff of the new football season. The athlete got the modified G-Wagen as a gift last year during his 35th birthday. The athlete is known for his love for exotic cars from Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and others. However, he also seemed to have found the same fascination with Merc as his son was also seen posing with his green X-Class pickup earlier. Going back to the G-Class of Ronaldo, the vehicle comes with a Brabus G800 package worth around $424,000, excluding the VAT in Germany. The AMG G63… Continue Reading »


Mansory Mercedes-AMG G63 Gets a Sky Blue Look

It seems Mansory has been very busy lately. The tuner has been releasing new builds of the popular Mercedes models almost every month this year. The latest to come out is the sky blue Mercedes-AMG G63 featured here. The most noticeable feature of the new AMG G63 is its paint dubbed as “China Blue” by the tuner. It covers the entire exterior of the G-Class while some of the accessories are highlighted with black. The widebody kit includes a carbon fiber hood, LED roof lights, rear roof spoiler, bumper lip, and Mansory-branded cover for the spare wheel at the back. In addition, the SUV is fitted with 23-inch Y-spoke alloy… Continue Reading »


AZUTO: Grip Storage Box for Mercedes G-Class

AZUTO specializes in creating high-quality products designed specifically for Mercedes G-Class. The Japan-based company’s products are carefully crafted to work and appear as genuine accessories for vehicles bearing the three-pointed star logo. One of the products that AZUTO sells is a grip storage box for G-Class.  It is no secret that G-Class owners wish for more storage space for their sunglasses, phones, coins, etc. AZUTO grip storage box installs inside the G-Class’s unique passenger side grip handle to offer additional storage space instantly.  It is designed to blend seamlessly with the interior design and adds a luxurious look to your vehicle’s interior.  Grip Storage Box for W463A (Post 2019 redesign)… Continue Reading »


Is This Mercedes-AMG G63 Savage or What?

The Mercedes-AMG G63 is by far the best that the current-generation G-Class has to offer after retiring the AMG G65. Its classic boxy body and luxurious features give it a very iconic aura and beneath its hood lies a powerful V8. However, for those who want to give it a more exclusive look and extra power, an Illinois aftermarket tuner called “Savage” just released its new package for it. Outside, the Savage AMG G63 has modifications similar to the ones offered by the latest Mansory Gronos G-Class. The widebody upgrades of the SUV had all its chrome highlights blacked out, and then it added a red hue on its halo… Continue Reading »


Presenting the Brabus Rocket 900 Mercedes-AMG G63 Super SUV

Brabus certainly knows no chill when it comes to tuning Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs. After giving us the near 900 hp Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S that puts the latest Black Series to shame, the company did it again with the Mercedes-AMG G63. In its standard form, the AMG G63’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 can produce 577 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque. Once upon a time, the numbers were already too good for sports cars, but with the advancements in tuning technology nowadays, that’s not even enough for the likes of Brabus. Seeing more room for improvement in the iconic SUV, the tuner integrated its Rocket 900 package with the auto,… Continue Reading »


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