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Comfort Pak For E-Class Cabriolet Introduced

Mercedes-Benz customers who tick the P50 option when ordering their A207 E-Class Cabriolets will be getting the AIRSCARF and AIRCAP systems to better enjoy their open-air motoring. These options were developed to enable cabriolet owners to maximize their chances of opening up their convertibles even in less than perfect weather. Developed in the wind tunnel, the AIRCAP system directs airflow over the car via a deflector integrated into the roof frame. Its effect is to reduce drafts and wind turbulence significantly, even in the rear passenger area. Less wind intrusion also reduces noise levels significantly, so that conversations are more easily conducted. The AIRSCARF system, on the other hand, uses… Continue Reading »


Gold Diesel Ring Award Goes To Mercedes Luminary

The German Association of Motor Journalists (VdM) has awarded to Mercedes Prof. Dr. Ing. Rodolfo Schöneburg the Gold Diesel Ring in recognition of his lifetime work in improving vehicle safety. Given to Prof. Schöneburg on April 26, the Gold VdM Diesel Ring has been awarded since 1955 to outstanding personalities who have rendered exemplary services to bettering road safety for all users. Satisfyingly, the Ring received by Prof. Schöneburg continues a tradition of sorts at Daimler, as former heads of development Fritz Nallinger and Hans Scherenberg had received this award in 1961 and 1975 respectively. Says Prof. Schöneburg, “I see it as my vocation to play my part in helping… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Citan Kombi Gets 3-Star Rating

In what must have caused no small amount of embarrassment all around, Mercedes-Benz’s Citan Kombi was recently tested by Euro NCAP and found wanting. This was because it was found to have less than satisfactory performance in some areas, such as the restraint systems, a marginal side airbag and gaps in the latching system for the sliding door. Added Euro NCAP’s secretary general, Michiel van Ratingen, “We’re disappointed that a company with such a strong tradition of safety as Daimler would take an old model and basically do nothing to make sure that its safety is up to date. With a little bit more invention, they could have improved the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz To Expand Production Network

With a commitment of 300 million Euros, the Supervisory Board of Daimler AG has given the green light to expanding the transmission production capacity for Mercedes-Benz cars. This is because the current transmission plant at Stuttgart has been running at full capacity, and the company sees the additional capacity as an important factor to the company’s 2020 growth strategy. Andreas Renschler, Member of the Daimler Board of Management for Manufacturing and Procurement Mercedes-Benz Cars and Mercedes-Benz Vans, explains: “The expansion of our production network to include an additional location for transmission assembly is designed to perfectly complement our existing capacities. Our goal here is to serve the high customer demand… Continue Reading »


Unimog And Econic Trucks Slated For Production In September

The latest iteration of the iconic Unimog truck will soon be available for sale, as it has been announced that production will begin in September. Together with the release  of the venerable Unimog is the Econic, another workhorse truck. Mercedes has announced that these trucks will be equipped with Euro VI compliant diesels. In the case of the Unimog, four and six cylinder engines will be offered, ranging from 155 to 355 horsepower. Other features will include daytime running lights, improved visibility with repositioned windshield wipers and a front camera.  Climate controls have also been given a makeover, so that the cabin occupants can operate as the Unimog does in… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Announces Latest Driving Events Programme

In Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz has announced its Driving Events Programme for 2013-2014. Encompassing a variety of driving programs for the beginner up to the seasoned track driver, the Driving Events Programme aims to provide Mercedes owners with the skills necessary to enjoy their precision-crafted steeds to the fullest. These events are tailored according to participants’ driving standards and personal expectations, hence the courses which range from basic and eco training to advanced high speed maneuvering for professional-level drivers. And because Mercedes produces more than cars, an off-road program teaches basic and advanced skills, including winter driving. Professional instructors, GT and DTM drivers among them, ensure that all participants’ skills are raised… Continue Reading »


Nein, Says AMG On Diesel Engines

  With BMW and Audi putting out sporty models powered by diesel engines, it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise to see Mercedes follow suit. But AMG has officially thumbed down diesels as an option on cars that bear its logo. This is a breath of fresh air for enthusiasts who have lately seen iconic brands, such as BMW’s M, being watered down for the sake of marketing. Mercedes-AMG Chairman Ola Kallenius intimated that while “”We should never say never to a diesel or anything else, I cannot see a circumstance that would change that possibility for us. We are not changing the AMG brand to accommodate diesels.” The… Continue Reading »


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