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Mercedes-Benz and Toyota Share Their Views on the Tesla Brand

Tesla surely had a rocky year in 2008 wherein the company had trouble with its resources. In the account of Elon Musk, the company’s Chief Executive, during his interview with Forbes, the problem was such that the company nearly closed down and he had to spend all his personal reserve in an effort to save it. But thanks to a timely investment by Daimler, by pouring $50 million into the company, it was able to support its operations. That was further improved by a $465 million taxpayer loan and Toyota’s $50 million investment in 2010. According to Forbes, it seems like Daimler and Toyota’s faith in Tesla paid off as… Continue Reading »


Daimler Investing Millions for Hydrogen Stations

Following the conclusion of F-Cell World Drive, Mercedes-Benz/Daimler confirmed that it is taking its partnership with The Linde Group to the next level as they build hydrogen fuel cell stations. Daimler will invest heavily on putting up F-Cell fueling stations. Reuters reported that the company has plans to invest millions of Euros for this project, which will be seen first in cities of Germany. Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz said “ “With the F-CELL World Drive we have shown, that the time for electric vehicles with fuel cell has come. Now the development of the infrastructure has to pick up speed,” adding that, ““For only an adequate number of hydrogen… Continue Reading »


Lexus offering rebate to derail Mercedes-Benz

It seems Toyota is back on track, as shown by the Japanese car company’s latest attempts to derail the astounding growth Mercedes-Benz is currently enjoying all over their global market. Actually, Toyota’s luxury line in the US, Lexus, has been going at it since 2010 began. For eight straight months, the race was being fought by the two luxury car companies to be crowned dominion of the U.S. market. However, it was in the month of September when Mercedes-Benz really picked up the pace leaving Lexus behind by as many as 3,000 units sold. The big question now is, can Mercedes-Benz maintain the lead to dethrone Lexus off the top… Continue Reading »


Talks underway to share key hybrid technologies with Toyota

Everyone’s in a hurry to catch with the race towards environmental friendliness, and Mercedes-Benz is one them. But in the car manufacturing business, even the big time spenders need to get help from fellow business players—namely, in Mercedes-Benz’s case, Japanese car maker Toyota. Now, just hold your biased emotions and/or comments aside. Despite the public relations fiasco that Toyota has been suffering ever since news of unintended acceleration was first revealed, the JDM maker had to deal with the negative effects on their sale and really struggled to keep competitive. Now that the commotion has died down, the company is working hard to recover the reliable image that it has… Continue Reading »


Toyota and Daimler: Possible Venture For Fuel Cell Technology

Daimler started to establish fuel-cell automobiles around 1994, presently, Daimler has already allocated $1.23 billion on propulsion technology. Toyota started to delve into the hydrogen field development much earlier by 1992. With years of knowledge and exposure, the two companies became both pioneers in fuel-cell technology. Toyota and Honda were the first automaker who brought commercial hydrogen fuel-cell automobiles on the road at 2002. According to the news, Toyota collaborated with Tesla for the advancement of electric vehicles at NUMMI, additionally, Toyota may unite with Daimler (who also holds share in Tesla) to establish hydrogen-powered vehicles that are easy on the budget. Based on the Financial Times Deutschland, Toyota and… Continue Reading »


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