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Latest Mercedes-Benz News

Ocean Drive to be at Rolls Royce’s Calibre

According to Top Gear’s September Issue from egmcartech’s report, the production version of the Ocean Drive concept will most like tackle the RR Drophead. The performance and amenities will be closer to the Drophead than the speculated competitor A7 from Audi.

“The Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive… will extract 510 horsepower from a 5.5 liter V8 with the range topper having a V12 engine…


Top Gear Classic: Mercedes W140 600 SEL

The review might by out of date, but the sheer joy of watching Clarkson talk about the best of the benz with a much more mature face is something. Not only can we see a evolution of the S-Class, but also the evo of Jeremy, a pretty nice combination if you ask me.


Top Gear Gets Attacked by Rednecks

Top Gear is known for being a show to entertain car enthusiast whichever way possible. In this episode, they go a little too far when they visit the south. The team decided to travel from Miami to New Orleans in beat up cars that they purchased for grand a pop. To make the cars a little more interesting, they spray painted them with some phrases the people down there don’t particularly like (e.g. “NASCAR Sucks” and “Hillary for President”). You should probably just watch the video and see what happens.


Top Gear: “Its the end!”

You have got love Jeremy and his crazy opinions and explanations. Just watch this clip and see what he thinks is cool. While I have to agree with his second choice, I don’t agree with the first, I do think that the GT is a cool car, a very cool and powerful rocket to be exact.


Top Gear: Richard Hammond Crash

This is it.; they finally show the Hammond crash on Top Gear more than 2 months after it happend. He did three runs, and let me tell you that I was scared on everyone of them in anticipation of the crash. It is a weired feeling watching a video that could have killed him, and ironically that is what he jokes about during the taping of the crash.


Top Gear: VW Corrado and Mercedes 190E

These are some great cars that Hammond got to drive, well they were at least when I was growing up. Even if it was only 13 or 14 years ago, it really takes you back to the time when life was much simpler, for me at least. I definitely see a resemblance between the 190E and the new C-Class with it squarish headlights and much more aggressive look that the outgoing C-Class failed to show.


Hammond crash pictures released

It has been a couple of months since the accident and Hammond is slowly going back to his old life. First images have been published from that crash and the video will be aired during the first episode of Top Gear on January 28th. We wish him all the best in his life and hope that he will take care of himself in the future. Click on more below to see the other images.


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