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Insider Cam: Top Gear puts Camaro and E63 AMG in blood fest

You know how the boys at Top Gear are. They’re despicably adventurous when it comes to road and track-testing cars. They’re also crazy enough to pit cars that are of totally different segments, just for the fun of it. To refresh your memory, these guys had paired a Ford Fiesta and a Chevrolet Corvette against one another, AND tried running a Jaguar XK120 alongside a Vincent Black Shadow plus a train. Seriously. So if you take their results in confidence, then you’re probably as terminally crazy as they are. And if there’s anything this show is all about, it’s fun, fun and more fun with cars. In their latest video,… Continue Reading »


Pagani Zonda R is the New Nurburgring God

The Nurburgring is so amazing that it has become the epicenter of ‘ego battle’ between carmakers that aim at performance. A huge number of vehicles target to get ahead of the Nordschelife record lap time for their specific category. The German tarmac has a capacity to serve far more than its original testing and racing purposes. These vehicles and competitions have transformed as a great instrument for marketing. Sites like Nurburgring, even attract attention of spy photographers and have turned out to be one of their hot spots. The main motive for a grand gamut of go-fast vehicles is not only to obliterate the ring record but to beat it… Continue Reading »


Eurocopter EC145 with a “Mercedes-Benz Touch” unveiled today

Daimler revealed today that they have recently formed the Mercedes-Benz Style division.  This new division is a special unit that will handle adding the Mercedes fashion to some transportation related products, everyday lifestyle products and even adding some Mercedes touch to furnitures.  Based on the statement by the head of design at Mercedes-Benz, Gorden Wagener, they have agreed to put up the Mercedes-Benz styling outside of the automotive world.  Presently, they have received positive reactions from famous manufacturers in a wide variety of fields.   According to Wagener, the very first item that is handled by the new unit is the Eurocopter EC145.  This said helicopter that has been “Mercedes Fashioned”… Continue Reading »


Top Gear: Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series

In the second episode of the newest Top Gear season, Jeremy Clarkson takes the Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series for a spin. If you watch enough Top Gear, you are probably aware of Jeremy’s sarcastic and sometimes even hurtful [towards the cars] comments, but in this review, he was as serious as he probably will ever be. One reason might have been how awestruck Jeremy was while reviewing the Black Series beast. Enjoy!


TopGear: Supercar Fuel Economy Comparison Test

Top Gear is back again, and the 11th season is looking good. In their first episode, they decided to help folks out and do a fuel economy test. Well if you know Top Gear, you’ll know that this is no ordinary economy test. They put five supercars on the race track to see who can go further on 1 gallon of fuel. The cars: Lamborghini Murcielago, Audi R8, Mercedes McLaren SLR, Aston Martin DBS, and the Ferrari 599GTB


Ocean Drive to be at Rolls Royce’s Calibre

According to Top Gear’s September Issue from egmcartech’s report, the production version of the Ocean Drive concept will most like tackle the RR Drophead. The performance and amenities will be closer to the Drophead than the speculated competitor A7 from Audi.

“The Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive… will extract 510 horsepower from a 5.5 liter V8 with the range topper having a V12 engine…


Top Gear Classic: Mercedes W140 600 SEL

The review might by out of date, but the sheer joy of watching Clarkson talk about the best of the benz with a much more mature face is something. Not only can we see a evolution of the S-Class, but also the evo of Jeremy, a pretty nice combination if you ask me.


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