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Mclaren Mercedes F1: Chasing the Dream

This short documentary takes a look at this years Mclaren Mercedes F1 Team, and their dream to take the title after many season without any luck. It is very interesting how two drivers at opposite worlds, in terms of experience, will work together to create a successful team in the coming years. It’s unclear if Hamilton will be able to compete against the other veteran drivers, but as long as he can help Alonso win the races, his job would be complete. If you are Mclaren fan or even an F1 fan, I highlighly recommend that you watch it.


Mercedes SLR Convertible?

Here is something I am sure everybody already knows about. The story became popular over the weekend and at a time I wasn’t even able to walk. It is rumored that Mercedes has planned to build a convertible SLR sometime in the future, no other real detail of course about this car. The engine will probably not be changed, so either the 650hp 722 or the 626hp SLR engine will power the cabrio. P-shop looks good to me, but I am not sure if the convertible is necessary.


IT Engineers decide F1 Grand-Prix winners!

We all know a Formula 1 car is not just a car, but piece of art. Our beloved Mclaren team and its engineers will tell you in this video how everything works and why everything works. The latest and grates technology goes into these cars that push the boundary every two weeks on the racetrack. Not only that, but it also shows us how the engineers play a huge roll in winning a race. Enjoy!


Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 Edition in Dubai

Similar to the Maybach 62s, here is a video from the SLR introduction in Dubai. The guys at UnitedPicturesTV have taken the car out in the desert for a closer at the beast that has amazed everyone that looks at it. Both Clarkson and Tiff have praised the car for it overwhelming power and beauty, even though, Hammond had some issues with the car for whatever reason. Enjoy!


Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition: In Dubai

Taking the Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 Edition to Dubai for a test drive is the ultimate dream for every car enthusiast. With the flawless roads which lead through the desert next to Dubai are ideal for demonstrating the pedigree sporting performance that characterises the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition. Dubai is the up-and-coming business centre of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the setting for the world’s most ambitious construction projects, including the man-made “Palm Jumeirah” island, and over the course of recent decades many wealthy sheikhs have become avid automobile aficionados. It is this flair for the exceptional that links the desert city on the Persian Gulf and… Continue Reading »


“Official”: McLaren F1 MP4-22 unveiled

It’s a very busy day today for me, as you can see this is the 6th post today, which is well above the average, but how can I not post another official release; this time it the McLaren F1 car. They have officially released picture of the McLaren F1 MP4-22 today in Spain. Looking at the new livery and the car, I can see that it is very beautiful, and much nicer than the Ferrari F2007 unveiled today. Vodafone as a sponsor fits nicely into the design and maybe even enhanced the look of the car. Click on the more link below and see the full gallery.


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