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What The Latest Upgrade Of Mercedes F1 Is All About

So far, we have been hearing a lot about the floor upgrade of Mercedes F1 on the way to the US Grand Prix. However, there is little context as to what actually happened under there. In this article, we will dive into this subtle but important overhaul in the design of the W14. An article by Gary Anderson on The Race recently shed light on what the enhancement is all about. Focused Enhancements for Improved Performance The vital, but considered to be the last upgrade of Mercedes F1 for this season, concentrated on specific areas of the W14, with the primary goal of optimizing their underfloor leading edge. This included… Continue Reading »


Lance Stroll Describes The Upgraded Mercedes F1 Cars As “Rocket Ship”

In a stunning display of speed and precision, the Mercedes F1 team left their competitors in awe at the Spanish Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell showcased their incredible talent, piloting what seemed like a “rocket ship” on wheels. Their dominant performance at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona left Lance Stroll and Aston Martin perplexed and struggling to keep up. Unforeseen Speed Surpasses Expectations The Mercedes F1 drivers shocked their rivals, including Stroll and Aston Martin, with their remarkable pace. Stroll, who had anticipated a close contest with Red Bull, was left dumbfounded by the sheer speed of the Mercedes cars. The Aston Martin driver praised the W14, labeling it… Continue Reading »


Lewis Hamilton Seating Complaints Raise Concerns for Mercedes

The Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 team is currently facing a significant challenge involving their star driver, Lewis Hamilton. Recently, the Briton has voiced his dissatisfaction with the seating position of the W14, citing discomfort and adverse effects on his driving experience. Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff, has acknowledged the importance of addressing these concerns and is working towards finding a solution that will enhance the race car’s drivability and pace. The Impact of Seating Position on Performance During media interviews in Australia, Hamilton expressed his frustration with the current seating position, explaining how it affects his perception of the car’s movement and overall driving experience. He highlighted the fact that he… Continue Reading »


George Russell Hints at Major Upgrades for Mercedes F1 Ahead of Next Race

Mercedes F1’s George Russell revealed that the team has been working tirelessly on major upgrades to their W14 challenger, which will be unveiled at the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The Brackley-based group is eager to bounce back after a poor start to the season, with Red Bull and Ferrari having outperformed them in the opening races. According to Russell’s interview with, the changes are “sweeping” and significant, and the team has been working hard to ensure that they work as expected. The driver hinted that the changes could have a positive impact on lap times and that the team is focused on getting back to winning ways. Mercedes enjoyed… Continue Reading »


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