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Unimog And Econic Trucks Slated For Production In September

The latest iteration of the iconic Unimog truck will soon be available for sale, as it has been announced that production will begin in September. Together with the release  of the venerable Unimog is the Econic, another workhorse truck. Mercedes has announced that these trucks will be equipped with Euro VI compliant diesels. In the case of the Unimog, four and six cylinder engines will be offered, ranging from 155 to 355 horsepower. Other features will include daytime running lights, improved visibility with repositioned windshield wipers and a front camera.  Climate controls have also been given a makeover, so that the cabin occupants can operate as the Unimog does in… Continue Reading »


Awesome Video of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog in Action

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is definitely a beast that can cover any terrain or road condition. The only thing that can only surpass it probably is a tank. Thus, it makes it very ideal for off-road driving. Whether it is a swampy area with up to four feet water level, snowy landscape, barren terrain or an uphill driving, this will certainly conquer it. Some famous people like Arnold Schwarzenegger even use it to display their own style or show dominance in the highway. The recent Die Hard movie even featured it to show the massive stuff that it can do on the road. So have you ever wondered what makes this… Continue Reading »


Unimog – The Subject of Protests of Some Environmental Groups

The Unimog is preferred my many companies because of its tough build that can survive any terrain. The engine is also powerful enough to propel it in uneven slopes. According to the U.S. Edition of the ABC News, the heavy duty vehicle is expected to make its comeback into the North American market. Mercedes-Benz is currently targeting government agencies that are involved in civic works like the fire departments and others involved in emergency rescue. Despite the usability of the vehicle, environmental groups are protesting the inclusion of the vehicle in the market based on ABC and Worldwatch Institute. Among the reasons pointed out by Sierra Club’s Global Warming and… Continue Reading »


Arnold Schwarzenegger Switches from Hummer to Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger definitely prefers trucks over cars. Who can blame him? His big Mr. Universe and Terminator-like physique can make normal-sized cars seem so small. Also, maybe he likes a vehicle with plenty of room to move around. On the other light, preferring tough-looking trucks over cars might only be a way to feed his ego. Well, we are not sure about his reasons. But one thing is for sure, he sure know how to choose a perfect auto. Late this year, he gave up his Hummer over a customized Mercedes-Benz Unimog. Based on several reports over the Internet, this apparently cost him around $250,000…. Continue Reading »


A Bigger, More Versatile Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5000 6×6

Mercedes-Benz has unleashed the new Unimog U 5000 6×6 offroad truck, which features a third axle that allows the truck to have a higher payload, more traction, more space in the body, and an improved range of applications. The U 5000 has always been the heavyweight in the Unimog line, and now this 6×6 three-axle variant packs some more punch for cross-country multi-purpose mobility. The truck has a 17-ton permissible gross weight, and the payload is pegged at 10 tons. That added capacity should give the truck the ability to handle all manner of tasks it has never handled before. Focus has been put on the additional capacity, but the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes To Offer Upgraded Unimogs To Railroad Industry

  With winter coming up, railway companies in Germany and the rest of Europe will look to its fleet of shunting and clearing vehicles to once again do yeoman’s duty in keeping trains on schedule. Unimogs have long been a favorite of operators for their rugged dependability, and Mercedes recognizes this. For the 9th edition of InnoTrans in Berlin (the leading global trade show for the railway industry), Mercedes-Benz is exhibiting new configurations for Unimogs on rails. What should particularly interest industry executives and engineers is the Unimog U400’s adaptability as a shunting vehicle that can do double duty as a snow-clearing vehicle. This adaptation was developed by designing a… Continue Reading »


In Germany, Unimog Garners Best Vehicle Award – Again

Mercedes’ unstoppable Unimog has once again captured the hearts and minds of a group of truck and special vehicle users by garnering the best cross-country vehicle of the year award in Germany. “Off-road”, a trade magazine that has been conducting a poll for such vehicles for more than two decades announced the results a few weeks ago. The award to the Unimog was the result of getting 34% from more than 57,000 votes. More than 140 vehicle choices were on the poll and the results are specially gratifying, given that the Unimog has been a perennial winner for the past several years. Including this year’s award, participants in the votes… Continue Reading »


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