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CLS63 AMG Tire Burnout by ADV.1 Wheels

The guys from ADV. 1 Wheels are not purely rubber geeks. They do not eat their meals in the garage while working and shaping rubber is not the only thing that they can do. They also check the cars they tune and take it to do mighty things to test their limits. Like in this video, ADV.1 Wheels people took the CLS63 AMG on the pavement to do something that will test their product, and at the same time will entertain those who will watch. The video, though in low resolution and despite of the cloud of smoke, captured the the burnout properly. Should you get ADV.1 Wheels for your… Continue Reading »


Superior Auto Design Presents the CEO Edition

US tuner Superior Auto Design released photos of the new project they made for a customer who brought to them his Mercedes-Benz SS50. Called the CEO Edition, it is the classier version of the S-Class (as if the stock version is not classy enough!) From silver, it was painted in 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago black, done by full body respray. Then the car was dismantled thoroughly, from interior to the trunk lid, as will be shown in the gallery below. They decided on putting on 22″ Asanti AF156 wheels. No other information was released by the company for now, but you can start enjoying the photos they published through and… Continue Reading »


HMS Tuning Released their Version of the SLS AMG

Most tuners from all over the world found their affections set of the new Mercedes SLS AMG. It is not surprising that the fast car got a new “fan”, HMS Tuning, which is proven by their newly released project. HMS updated the engine of the V8 from 571HP to 720HP and its toque from 649Nm originally, to 832 Nm. The company used their HMS Tuning Xtra Power Supercharger which made it more powerful. In addition, they put an uprated oil pump, an intake manifold, sports air filter, additional ECU that creates more boost, 200 CPI Sports Cats and valve control and a 4-1 manifold exhaust system. Surely, words cannot justify… Continue Reading »


Wald Released a Video of the S- and CLS-Class Black Bison’s Tune

Tuner Wald International released a video of their version of the Mercedes S and CLS Class Black Bison. In the video, you will see that both cars are in black with the S-Class getting an R13 RENOVATIO matte black x black alumite rims that measures 22 inches. The Wald CLS on the other hand, looks grat with its P21C Portofino II polished in matte black x polish. “The stylish front face and aggressive rear bumper design create the difference from other W221 on the street” can also be seen in the Black Bison. The W218 or Wald CLS has ventilated fenders, really masculine front fascia and aerodynamic side skirts. Meanwhile,… Continue Reading »


smart fortwo ED with Two Extra Wheels by Rinspeed

smart is undoubtedly a nice car. Despite of its size, it is powerful enough to travel long miles and safe enough, just in case you get into a wreck. But because it’s small, some people does not think of it as a useful car, for some it is just a vehicle you can brag about. The Swiss company, Rinspeed, changes all that. In line with their outlandish concept vehicles, they have unveiled Dock+Go. This design is for the smart fortwo ED, where a “backpack” is added, which calls for additional pair of wheels. With it, the car can be a utility vehicle, which you can use to deliver pizzas or… Continue Reading »


Wheelsandmore’s Version of the SLS AMG

Called the “Silver Wing”, this SLS AMG version of the tuner Wheelsandmore proves that the already powerful vehicle can show more. The vehicle became more refined with engine updates and new electronics and stainless steel exhaust system. The car also dons new tire from Continental Sport Contact, 265/30 on the front and 295/25/21 on the rear. The power increased from 571Hp to 635 HP and 690Nm of torque. Price starts at € 10,841.


Japanese Tuner Veilhouse’s Rendering of their Mercedes SL R320 Kit

The most awaited Mercedes SL R320 is sure to get the attention of tuners all over the world, so it’s no surprise that a tuner from Japan, called Veilhouse, is now releasing a rendering of their “surprise” kit. It is said to be launched at the Tokyo Auto Show and will be called the Black Fortune. The car will have wider stance, which will contain the new versions of front fascia, rear apron, side skirts, rear spoiler, side vents and hood all using carbon fiber. The price of the body kit will be $38,500 and will be limited to only 300 units.


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