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Setra ComfortClass 500 Coaches Delivered To Gössi Carreisen AG

The new Setra ComfortClass 500 coaches set the standard for Gössi Carreisen AG as the company received the delivery of two units of the touring coach. The two units of S515 HD were officially handed over to Marco Gössi, the managing director of the company, and his wife. The two new vehicles were named by the couple after Jolie, their newly-born daughter. Marco Gössi decided to acquire the latest Setra ComfortClass 500 due to a number of beneficial features of the vehicles. Some of the beneficial features are their fuel-efficiency, low cost of operation, the Euro drive system, and the modern design offered by the touring coaches. Gössi also indicated… Continue Reading »


Latest TopClass 500 Touring Coach Unveiled Recently

Once again Daimler AG has demonstrated its commitment in providing first-rate touring coaches with the world launch of the latest Setra TopClass 500. The design gives an indication that the company aims to provide touring coaches that spans ages. The TopClass 500 offers clients a vehicle that outlasts trends in terms of comfort, safety, innovation and design. The TopClass 500 has the typical characteristics of a Setra even as it continues to passionately evolve. Daimler Buses head Hartmut Schick indicated that the latest TopClass 500 will soon become the preferred touring coach among operators in Europe. It sets the standard in the production of coaches, and the latest Setra touring… Continue Reading »


First S 516 HD Delivered To Schäfer-Reisen

“Schäfer-Reisen” already decided the route of the new touring coach before the S 516 HD was delivered to the operator at the Setra Customer Center. The coach is the first ComfortClass 500 that will be delivered by the Daimler AG company to the state of Hesse in Germany. Horst Lauer, the proprietor of the company, also did not have a difficult time in acquiring the latest model of Setra buses. He indicated that the sale was already made at the launch event that was held last summer. He was impressed by the design and the cost-efficiency of the vehicle and his decision to acquire the vehicle was validated when he… Continue Reading »


S517 HD Turned Over To Block Busreisen

Alfred Bock, the operator of Block Busreisen, was awed by Setra buses when he was young, but he is now using the touring bus for his business. He did not hide his enthusiasm for the S517 HD during the official handover in Neu-Ulm. He said that the faith that his company has on the engineering of the bus and the camaraderie with the sales team typify the cooperation between his company and the brand. Alfred Bock did not think twice in favoring the next-generation last summer even without test-driving it. The S517 HD is the initial touring coach for the ComfortClass 500 series that was delivered to North Germany from… Continue Reading »


Lufthansa Classic Days Feature A 90s Setra Touring Coach

A 90s touring couch will be exhibited by Setra Buses & Coaches for the 2013 Lufthansa Classic Days from May 25 to 26. Daimler AG will display the S 315 GT-HD at the exhibit as part of the “Prototypes – From A Concept To Series Production” special exhibit in Hattersheim, Hessia. This particular coach features the experimental elements of the 300 model series since it was used by developers as a research vehicle. The Infrared night-view system is one of the highlights of this particular coach, which is also equipped with the original roof glazing that was installed by Setra and the lane-keeping assistant. The S 315 GT-HD was used… Continue Reading »


Di Fonzo Receives Latest Setra Touring Coach

Daimler turned over an S 515 HD to Di Fonzo recently at the Customer Center of the vehicle manufacturer in Neu-Ulm. The vehicle is the eightieth Setra bus in the fleet of the Italian bus company. The latest addition is the sixth model of the Setra that has entered the lineup of the bus company that is based in the town of Vasto along the Adriatic coast. The forty-nine-seat S 515 HD will be operated along European routes by Di Fonzo, which will also use it for interregional services in between Rome and Vasto. During the turnover, Dif Fonzo executive vice president Alfonso Di Fonzo revealed that the company considers… Continue Reading »


Unique Retro-Design Mercedes-Benz Touring Coaches Acquired By Rosi Reisen

To commemorate its fortieth anniversary, Rosi Resien acquired a distinctive fleet of Mercedes Benz touring coaches. These unique touring coaches feature a unique retro-design based on the first set of vehicles that the company used in the 1980’s. On December 14, the Marketing, Sales and After-Sales head of Daimler Buses, Till Oberwörder, turned over the last set of touring coaches to Rosi Reisen Company Director Johannes-Gerd Overhoff Junior. This last set of touring coaches consisted of two Travengos and ten Tourismos. Johannes-Gerd Overhoff Junior revealed during the turnover ceremony that the new fleet of touring coaches epitomizes the tradition and accomplishments of the company. The turnover ceremony was held at… Continue Reading »


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