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This is How Mercedes-Benz Digital Light Communicates with People

The function of the Mercedes-Benz Digital Light does not only revolve in improving road safety, it turns out that it can also be used to communicate with people and brighten up their mood. Recently, Mercedes released a video showing how the technology can project messages on surfaces and how people reacted to them. The Mercedes-Benz Digital Light features high-definition headlamps with chips controlling over two million micromirrors. The light coming out from the system can be manipulated to form images and words that can let the driver of the car convey messages to pedestrians and other drivers. As the video shows, the lights work like projectors. The technology provides an early… Continue Reading »


The Frustrating Flaw of the MBUX Intelligent Multimedia System in the New A-Class

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) debuted in January at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas and it recently made its way to the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Its maker described it as an intuitive and intelligent multimedia system capable of processing various commands and recognizing various speech patterns. The system is activated by simply uttering, “Hey Mercedes.” The Cool Part The MBUX is a huge leap forward for Mercedes and a big benefit to their car users. Its basic functions are similar to Siri or Alexa. For example, if you say “Hey Mercedes” followed by “I’m cold”, the system will activate the car’s climate control. That’s pretty neat… Continue Reading »


Top 3 Legal Issues Concerning Mercedes-Benz Self-Driving Cars

The Mercedes-Benz self-driving car technology was just tested in actual road conditions worldwide. Using an S-Class with autonomous driving system, the three-pointed star marque successfully concluded its Intelligent World Drive global tour. During the testing of the Mercedes-Benz self-driving car, several issues were seen such as the auto’s lack of capability to distinguish school buses, Bott’s Dots, carpool lanes, and differing speed signs. Some representatives of the American Bar Association and Smith Jones Solicitors also saw several legal problems that people in self-driving cars may encounter. Many State and Federal Laws Do Not Support It Many self-driving cars that are under development today feature driverless functions. However, it should be… Continue Reading »


Top 3 Mercedes-Benz Technology Features for You

At this point, I think we as consumers fully expect to be continually impressed by new technology. One of our favorite places to experience high-end tech is in our cars. While there’s several auto manufacturers that have been putting on a show lately with exciting new driving and comfort features, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an article about the best car tech that doesn’t include Mercedes-Benz. They’re simply unwilling to be beaten when it comes next level luxury and technology features which inspired us to write this article outlining 3 new Mercedes-Benz technology features that you might definitely want. Let’s get started! 1. Semi-Autonomous Driving Anyone who has been paying… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Digital Light: How Far Have They Gone?

In October last year, Mercedes-Benz introduced their Digital Light project. The technology offers headlights with innovative smart features that aim to improve road safety. So how far have the people at Mercedes gone with its development? As a recap, the Mercedes-Benz Digital Light features HD headlamps with over two million micromirrors. The intelligent function of the system allows the headlamps to adjust their illumination depending on environmental lighting conditions in order to provide the car’s driver an optimum vision. Then, the road safety function of the tech prevents glare that could temporarily blind the drivers of incoming vehicles. Lastly, Digital Light lets the driver communicate better with pedestrians and other drivers… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz E-Class Receives Generous Tech Upgrades

A year after the current generation became available to the market, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is already being fitted with tech and interior upgrades. Chief among these standout upgrades is the E-Class’ Linguatronic voice recognition unit. In this latest upgrade, the voice recognition system can now control features aside from the usual infotainment and navigation systems. Now, the E-Class can connect and access the climate control settings, lighting and car information features, seat heaters and coolers, current speed limit, demisters, next service timing, and other convenient options. The upgrade will also allow drivers or passengers to interrupt the verbal prompts and output, allowing for a faster and smoother experience. Instead of… Continue Reading »


Four Key Features of the Mercedes-Benz Digital Light

Mercedes-Benz recently talked about its new innovation in its lighting system called the “Digital Light.” It should be noted that the technology was introduced in October 2016. Here are the the key features of the Mercedes-Benz Digital Light: 1. HD Headlamp The HD headlamp offered by Mercedes has embedded chips managing over one million micromirrors. The automaker claims that each of its vehicle will have a total of over two million micromirrors. 2. Intelligent Function The Digital Light possesses an intelligent control logic for its dynamic light functions. The tech was developed by Mercedes. The algorithms allow the lighting of the auto to adjust depending on the surrounding conditions detected by its… Continue Reading »


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