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Sky-Go Discusses How to Hack and Remotely Control the Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The luxury cars of Mercedes-Benz nowadays are now packing with technologies that were only subjects of sci-fi movies decades ago. However, as its cars are becoming more connected online, their vulnerability to hacking has increased. The security researchers of Sky-Go, the cybersecurity division of Chinese vendor Qihoo 360, found at least 19 security flaws in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class that would let them remotely access the key functions of the vehicle and even start its engine. In 2017, a video surfaced showing two thieves in the UK using a relay hacking method to exploit the keyless entry system of a Mercedes car. It only took them less than 30 seconds to… Continue Reading »


5 New Safety Innovations in the Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz S-Class

As promised, Mercedes-Benz released more details about the next-generation S-Class on July 29, 2020. Being the flagship car of the three-pointed star marque, the luxury vehicle already possesses a lot of tech that aims to protect its occupants. To further make its driver and passengers safe, the company introduces new safety features in it that include the improved E-Active Body Control, rear passenger airbag, rear-axle steering, center airbag, and enhanced Pre-Safe Impulse Side. Here is an overview of the new safety features of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class: E-Active Body Control Mercedes adds semi-supporting hydropneumatics to the air suspension to the S-Class. These provide a smoother ride in the car especially… Continue Reading »


Tommy and Fred: A Tale of Two Crash Dummies

Last June, Mercedes-Benz launched a series of shorts about two crash dummies named Tommy and Fred. The comedic duo is used to highlight the key safety features and tech of Mercedes cars. Tommy appears more enthusiastic about his job but Fred is a more uptight character undergoing a midlife crisis. The former is always impressed with the features of Mercedes cars. Meanwhile, Fred is more inclined to getting and doing serious damage, because after all, that’s what crash dummies are for. As of now, only three episodes of their tales are up on the YouTube channel of Mercedes. Here are the released videos so far: The first episode demonstrates the… Continue Reading »


A Peek Inside the Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz S-Class

After Mercedes-Benz launched the new S-Class digital specials via Mercedes me media, the company is going ahead with the official teases for the new model of its flagship car. The recent update of the series gives us a peek of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class cockpit. The presentation was done by Markus Schafer, a Daimler board member. In the video, the artificial intelligence of the auto reveals that it is a plug-in hybrid. A charging port is also visible on the rear bumper of the camouflaged vehicle. The exterior is not that different from the S-Class spy shots that we have seen before so we will just get ahead with the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Partners With Bosch For Automated Parking Tech

Mercedes-Benz is using an infrastructure technology by Bosch to develop a smartphone-based automated parking assistance that will make looking for a parking spot completely obsolete. The company has started practicing the feature at its official museum in Stuttgart, Germany. The technology works exactly just like how a valet service does. When you arrive at the museum’s parking lot, you will be assigned a parking space and a designated spot where you will be allowed to leave your car. You will leave the car on that spot and with a tap on your smartphone, send it away to the assigned parking space. The car can go up and down every level… Continue Reading »


2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE Offers The Latest In Tech

Comfort and luxury are the key features of the new 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE midsize SUV. Though it is expected for a Benz to offer comfort and performance and to look aesthetically unique and elegant, what we didn’t expect from the latest GLE is the major leap forward in terms of technology. The GLE offers a variety of driver assistance features that include lane change, emergency braking, evasive steering, active blind spot, and left-turn assistance. There’s also a Mercedes Distronic adaptive cruise controls system that will follow the posted speed limit and guide the GLE around basic curves. The cabin is commanded by what is called the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)…. Continue Reading »


2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Duo Spied During Testing

Two Mercedes-Benz S-Class prototypes were recently caught on cam while undergoing testing. Each sedan came with a heavy zebra camouflage, which hides the car’s features. However, some partially exposed areas and bulges reveal some surprising details about the upcoming S-Class model. According to the walkoART, the source of the spy video, what we are looking at are the 2020 model year S-Class cars. These are expected to be unveiled in 2019. There are many things that we should be excited about in the upcoming S-Class. First, the cars appear longer than their current-generation models. That will surely translate to more legroom inside compared to their predecessors. Then, since the S-Class… Continue Reading »


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