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smart times and The New Look of smart fortwo

A few days from now, smart car fans will once again gather for the “smart times” event. For a number of years now, over 4,500 smart enthusiasts from 25 countries gather in a place to hang out, try new fortwo vehicles and of course, show off their prized possessions – their smart cars. The smart times 2012 will be at Hangar29 Waagnatie in Antwerp on August 23-August 26. To raise the excitement, smart created an advertising they titled, “smart fortwo: facelift”. And you guessed it, the video will show the new look of the small vehicle (with ladies with heavy make up on), still stylish and cute yet with obvious… Continue Reading »


“10th Anniversary” Special smart fortwo BRABUS Model in the Works

To celebrate 10 awesome years of working together to create premium, customized variants of top-of-the-line smart vehicles, microcar manufacturer smart and tuning specialist BRABUS are once again partnering up—this time to create a 10th anniversary special edition of the fortwo. The special model will have a limited production run of 100 units and comes with all sorts of exclusive features and furnishings. Based on the smart fortwo BRABUS currently on the market, the anniversary unit will also go for 102 horsepower with a 155-kph top speed. For the exterior, the vehicle is painted mostly in “liquid silver” save for the headlamps that are colored titanium and the BRABUS insignias that… Continue Reading »


US Gets smart ForTwo Iceshine Special Edition

Hot on the heels of the Sharpred Special Edition that’s hitting the US right this summer, smart USA will be offering the 2013 smart ForTwo Iceshine model in the fall. There will be a grand total of 1,800 Iceshine units produced, and 300 of them—that’s just one-sixth of the total—will be sent to the United States. Production starts in September, and this edition is set to get two colors: an all-white unit and an azure blue variant. The US units will only sport the all-white color trim, however. The interior has black seats decked in leather and have white backrests and white stitching. In addition, the car gets power steering,… Continue Reading »


Smart fortwo e-drive now in Production

In Hambach, France the smart fortwo e-drives are starting to roll. Because lots of people are now into the environment and taking care of it, Daimler considered it important to create a car that will cater to these individuals, thus the launch of the smart fortwo electronic drive. The brand also invested €200 million on the plant to ensure that high-quality fortwos will be produced at a faster rate. Dr. Annette Winkler said, “The new smart electric drive and the expansion of the Hambach plant are two important milestones for the future of smart”, she added, “With the new smart electric drive we are further expanding our leading position in… Continue Reading »


The Game of the Future smart eball, Got an Award from ADC

smart won this year’s Interactive/Physical Innovations at the International Art Director’s Club awards. This is for the interactive game called eball which shows off the dynaminism of the e-driven smart car. The eball game works like the ping pong game that we play years ago. In this game however, instead of using a joystick to drive the ball back and forth on the court, you use two smart electric drives. Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of smart said, “We wanted participants to experience the incredible driving fun of the electric smart and smart eball achieved that perfectly.” She added, “The aim of the game was understood immediately and anyone can just… Continue Reading »


Car2go Now in Berlin

Berlin is now going to experience the convenience of the car2go system, the largest rental fleet company in the world. Starting April 26, Berlin residents can rent one of the 1,000 smart fortwos. All they need to sign up for it once and they will be able to pick up a smart and return it to any public parking space. At present, there are already 2,000 people registered, which proves that the system is really popular in the city. Klaus Entennmann, Chairman of Daimler Financial Service said, “We’re the number one company for innovative mobility services – a fact that’s underscored by the launch of car2go in Berlin.” He added, “We… Continue Reading »


Inspect the Area Before Parking Your smart Car

Most people who buy smart cars are those who like covenience. With a car this size, you can park it easily. However, you should not be careless in parking your car, lest you want your smart to experience what this fortwo had gone through. The smart fortwo Brabus edition was parked over a motorized bollard, and because of its weight and size, it was lifted without any problems. Well, the owner of the vehicle is the one who seems to have a problem.


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