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Upgrade Your 2013 R231 SL Roadster with New Accessories

After the German market got hold of the latest SL-Class, Mercedes-Benz announced that the new car owners can now update the Bremen-built vehicle with their original accessories. Because this car is 140kg lighter than its predecessor, it’s no biggie if you want to make it heavier with these cool accesories that includes a multi-spoke set of alloy wheels, great-looking body kit, 11 wheel options and 16 different charging cradles and docks that can hold various smartphone brands. Individual touch is what you car will have when you have these accessories. With many options to choose from, you can make sure that your car will look unique. Other than those accessories,… Continue Reading »


Video: Six Generations of Mercedes-Benz SL

Mercedes-Benz SL is one of the few cars that have a very rich history. So the company decided to release a video to show everyone the six generations of this wonderful vehicle. Watch the video and appreciate the SL as the narrator takes you to the six decades of the luxury car from 1950 to the present.


Boris Becker’s Voice-Over Commercial for the Mercedes SL

Boris Becker, a champion tennis player embodies what Mercedes SL Roadster is all about. Classy and powerful, that is Becker on the tennis court, and that is also what this esteemed car speaks of. Well, not really. According to this commercial at least, Becker was kicked out by the driver after the latter was fed up with his narration. Apparently, his voice is not that good (at least that’s the idea of this ad.)


Mercedes Designer Talks About SL Interior Inspiration

Shot during the Mercedes Fashion Week held recently in New York, the clip, titled Designing the Details, is an excerpt of an interview with Nicola Ehrenberg-Uhlig, Manager of Color & Trim for Mercedes-Benz Cars. Much has already been said and seen about the new SL’s mechanical attributes, from its lightweight aluminum body to its performance capabilities. Here, Ms. Nicola talks about how she and members of the Color & Trim team took inspiration from the aviation industry, which denotes speed, functionality and, of course, luxury. A lot of automotive blogs devote much of their coverage to a car’s performance characteristics. This clip shows us that there is much more to… Continue Reading »


Mercedes SL History on Video

If you are the kind of person who often asks where things are coming from, then this video is for you. Mercedes-Benz made this clip to show Mercedes SL fans how their favorite vehicle originated. The first SL, then to the next generations. You will appreciate that you will be able to see the the genetic development of this vehicle. This is indeed a nice way of promoting the new generation Mercedes SL. Appreciate it more with this video.


‘Icons of Style’ Making of Video

Found on YouTube is this clip on the making of the Icons of Style presentation. Seeing glossies on a magazine or on a web page belies the effort  and logistics involved in making such a presentation. Featured as icons of style are a Mercedes SL and supermodel Lara Stone, who successfully portrays an aura of suspense and mystery Hitchcock-style. Until you see the small army of technicians, photographers and support crew, you would think that shoots like these can be done with a couple of guys and a camera. Perhaps the many high quality amateur efforts you see on the Web will make you think that, but seeing the people… Continue Reading »


No Hybrid or Diesel Versions For Mercedes SL

In keeping with the “Sport Light” badging that the model represents, Mercedes has decided that the new 2013 SL will not be offered in hybrid or diesel versions. As Mercedes has often enough reminded us, the new SL sports extensive aluminum structures and components. The resulting car is significantly lighter than its predecessor while being substantially stiffer by 20 percent. And to make the best of that rigidity and lightness, Mercedes has deemed that the engines worthy of the SL badging should be powered by no less than a 3.5 liter V6 in the SL 350 and an twin turbo, 430 horsepower V8 in the SL 500. The latter engine… Continue Reading »


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