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Kubica May Get His Own Mercedes-Benz F1 Car If He Recovers

BBC News recently confirmed that Robert Kubica will have his own Mercedes-Benz F1 car if he recovers the injuries he sustained in a car crash in 2011. During that period he suffered a serious injury in his right hand, together with arm and leg fractures. Toto Wolff stated that, if given the chance, they would love Kubica to drive for their DTM touring of the F1 team. However, the executive director pointed out that the driver is currently keeping his focus on rallying. As of the moment, Kubica still does not have full control of his right arm. But he has regularly undergone therapy sessions to improve his status. The… Continue Reading »


Robert Kubica Confirms Run in Mercedes F1 Simulator

Robert Kubica, in an interview with Autosport, confirmed that he did get inside a Mercedes-Benz Formula One simulator for some laps. “I can say yes, I was there, but I cannot say how many times or how many laps I did. But there is this rumour to which I say, yes, I was in the Mercedes F1 simulator in the past.” Kubica continues on the path back to F1 after injuries sustained in February 6, 2011, while driving in the Ronde di Andora rally. He hit a crash barrier at high speed, and part of the barrier penetrated the cockpit. It took over an hour to take him out of the… Continue Reading »


Kubica Test-Drives DTM Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupé

It’s been a while for former F1 driver Robert Kubica, but his latest step brings him closer to a motorsport comeback. A couple of days back, Kubica — who was severely injured in February 2011 at the Ronde di Andora rally — tested a DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupé. His run at the Circuit Ricardo Torno in Valencia, Spain is his first proper test-condition outing on a race track since being a part of Renault in Formula One back in early 2011. “I’m really pleased that Mercedes-Benz is giving me the opportunity to test their DTM car and I’m looking forward to getting acclimatised to a race car again,” said Kubica prior to the… Continue Reading »


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