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Mercedes-Benz Fined For Breaking Competition Law

According to a recent news from BBC, Mercedes-Benz plus three other automotive dealers were fined for a total of £2.6 million. The penalty stemmed from a breach of the standards set by the Competition Law. Apparently, the giant automaker, together with other dealers, admitted to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) that a violation was made in the provisions of the Competition Law while distributing trucks and vans somewhere around 2008 to 2010. Based on BBC’s interview with the OFT, the charges for the accused differ in nature. However, their charges share violations in terms of market-sharing, price coordination and exchange of crucial information in the industry. The OFT added… Continue Reading »


G63 AMG-Inspired Custom-Built Boat Revealed

While I was looking for some news that I can share with all the Mercedes-Benz fans out there, I stumbled upon the Auto section of the Fox News website. Of course, I was expecting to see cars, cars and more cars. But what did I get? Their current top headline in that section is about the new Huntress. Okay, the Huntress is not a car. It is actually a 42-foot performance boat developed by Cigarette Racing which is a Florida-based custom boat builder. Now, you are probably wondering why this news is in a Mercedes-Benz site. Well, the reason why it is a newsworthy topic here is because the style… Continue Reading »


Megaupload founder’s wife pleads return of confiscated Mercedes-Benz

They say that karma has a funny way of circling back towards people who gain from other people’s losses. It sure looks like the ugly truth for Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom whose extravagant lifestyle has been put on hold thanks to copyright infringement charges. Really, they had it coming. The wife even pleaded to the courts asking them to give back at least some of her property in order to keep their household thriving. Part of this property is a $202,000 G55 Mercedes SUV. “I am simply asking the courts to return my own property and make reasonable provision for our family’s ongoing maintenance and care,” says Mona Dotcom. In… Continue Reading »


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