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New or Used Mercedes-Benz? Here’s How You Decide

So, you are looking to invest in a new car, and you have been doing all the necessary research. If you have fallen in love with the style and performance of a Mercedes-Benz, you are not the only one, but deciding between a new or used model is not always easy. Undoubtedly, your personal preferences will come into play, but your budget and experience might also play an important role. Below we will look at the benefits and drawbacks of opting for a new or used Mercedes-Benz: Who Is a New Mercedes-Benz For? A new Mercedes-Benz is an optimal choice if the budget allows you to invest in it. Aside… Continue Reading »


How to Get Ready for Your New Car

When it comes to car ownership and you’re a huge car-lover, there can be so many highs and periods of excitement for you. Nothing really quite beats out getting a new car. While it can be cool to work really hard to get a used car, when you know that you’ve actually worked really hard to get something brand new, it can feel even more special. At the same time, when you’re going through this process, there are things that you can do to get ready for it. That’s the thing about getting a new car, you really do have to prepare for it. It’s really not something that you… Continue Reading »


Used or New? Buy or Lease? Get the Best Value for Money on Your Next Mercedes-Benz

It’s an age-old debate whether it is better to buy cars used or new, and which kind of financing is the best value overall. In this article we’ll be giving our take on how this question relates to Mercedes-Benz in particular. Should You Buy Used or New? Luxury cars are much more prone to depreciation than any other kind, so it would be easy to say that buying used has the better value, but it’s not quite that simple. One of the major points of appeal for a luxury car is having all of the latest technology, both in the cars inner workings and on the dashboard, but when you… Continue Reading »


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