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Mercedes F1 Race Car’s Revolutionary Floor Design Exposed By Photographers

In the world of Formula 1, the quest for aerodynamic supremacy is relentless. Every detail matters, especially the closely guarded secrets hidden beneath the cars’ chassis. However, at the Monaco Grand Prix, an unexpected turn of events provided a rare opportunity for teams to catch a glimpse of the groundbreaking floor design of Mercedes F1, a crucial component that contributes to up to 60 percent of a car’s performance. Mercedes F1 Race Car Floor Upgrade is Revealed to the World During the final practice session, Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes encountered a mishap, resulting in his car being hoisted high into the Monaco sky by a crane instead of being transported on… Continue Reading »


Toto Wolff Criticizes George Russell For His Costly Mistake At Monaco Grand Prix

In a rain-soaked 2023 Monaco Grand Prix, Mercedes Formula 1 team principal Toto Wolff expressed his frustration over the crucial mistake of George Russell that cost him a podium finish. The young British driver seemed poised to benefit from a slow pitstop by Esteban Ocon of Alpine, but a momentary lapse in concentration resulting in the distraction from a yellow flag saw him finishing in fifth place. Wolff did not hold back when discussing Russell’s performance in an interview, making it clear that the mistake had significant consequences. The driver not only dropped behind both Ocon and his teammate Lewis Hamilton but also incurred a five-second penalty for an unsafe… Continue Reading »


Mercedes F1 Boss Toto Wolff Talks About The Upcoming W14 Upgrades

Mercedes Formula 1 team boss Toto Wolff revealed their upgrade plans for the W14 race cars just before the cancellation of the Imola Grand Prix. With the intention of addressing stability issues and enhancing performance, he stated that the group’s approach marks a strategic reset for the team. A New Direction for Mercedes After a disappointing start to the season, Mercedes has decided to take a different development path. Wolff hints at a shift in focus, aiming to eliminate uncertainties and create a fresh starting point according to a report. The team was originally set to unveil a range of upgrades at the Imola race but has since then carried… Continue Reading »


Mercedes F1 Team To Introduce Upgrades For W14 In Monaco GP

In a bold move, the Mercedes F1 team has decided to carry over its original plan of introducing a significant upgrade package at the Monaco Grand Prix, despite the unique challenges posed by the circuit. The decision comes after the cancellation of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, which deprived Mercedes of an opportunity to evaluate the new components on a more conventional track. Recognizing the risks involved, Mercedes remains convinced that the upgrades, including revamped sidepods, a revised floor, and a different front suspension, will bring a noticeable improvement in the performance of its W14 race cars in Formula 1. The team’s unwavering confidence in these enhancements has driven their… Continue Reading »


F1: Hamilton finally wins one in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton finally managed to win a race in the 2016 Formula One season, with a solid victory ahead of Daniel Ricciardo at the Monaco Grand Prix. This was an exceptionally important outing for Hamilton after his fateful crash with teammate Nico Rosberg at the opening lap of the previous race. Hamilton was able to hold on to the first spot thanks in part to a pit stop blunder by Red Bull in lap 33, with the pit crew apparently not ready to receive Ricciardo and thus costing the driver a considerable amount of time. The other Mercedes car of Nico Rosberg, who was earlier ordered to let Hamilton pass through, could… Continue Reading »


Hamilton Lets Go of Frustration, Compares Mercedes Team to McLaren

It’s no secret that there is an animosity between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg lately, which escalated when the German took the escape route in the final lap of the qualifying race in Monaco. The incident triggered yellow flags, which slowed down the rest of the field and cost the Briton his pole position. The pole position then provided Rosberg the advantage that eventually led his victory at the Monaco Grand Prix. The win also enabled the son of Keke Rosberg to snatch back the first position in the overall ranking of the drivers in Formula One. However, based on interviews, it is only Hamilton who is having issues with… Continue Reading »


Will Team Mercedes Conquer Monaco

Despite the barrage of victories that the Formula One team of Mercedes AMG Petronas has since the Australian Grand Prix all the way to the Spanish Grand Prix, critics are still questioning whether Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg will maintain their performance in Monaco. According to pundits, team Mercedes might face an upset in Monaco. Their forecasts were based on the history of the circuit in Monaco, wherein it produced unexpected results several times. They cited as examples the one-time victories incurred by Jarnu Turlli in 2004 and Olivier Panis in 1996. It should be noted that each driver mentioned only claimed one victory in his overall career in F1,… Continue Reading »


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