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Donald Trump Wants to Keep Mercedes-Benz Out of the U.S.

President Donald Trump wants to keep Mercedes-Benz and other German luxury car brands out of the U.S. A post he made in Twitter suggested that he is making the move to save local automakers. The report came from Fortune, citing German publication WirtschaftsWoche as a source. The story allegedly originated from unnamed diplomatic personalities. They claimed Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron that he will keep his trade policy going “until no Mercedes models rolled on Fifth Avenue in New York.” The move would likely affect other luxury vehicles as well, like Porsche and Audi. Last week, Trump already started pushing for heavy tariffs on car imports. The duties can… Continue Reading »


Man Revisits Place of Near-Death Experience with Self-Driving Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Near-death experiences can be very traumatic. What more if you have driven off a cliff? That’s what exactly happened to Christopher White one unfortunate day while he was driving his Mercedes-Benz S-Class in 1988. According to White’s recollection of the event and the ad from Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA), he was driving tired during that time, which resulted him losing control of the vehicle while at Chapman’s Peak Drive in Cape Town and dropping the equivalent of a 30-story building down to the rocks below. White survived the impact because he was wearing his seatbelt and due to the amazing engineering of the S-Class he was in. Mercedes picked up… Continue Reading »


How to Find the Best Car Lift for Your Mercedes-Benz

Whether you are a hobbyist or you are running an auto repair shop, one of the essential things to get for your Mercedes-Benz is a car lift. If you are only looking to own one for personal use just because you love tinkering with your Merc and you prefer conducting your own maintenance on it, this presents a good investment for you. So, how do you find the best car lift for your Mercedes? Here are tips that you might find useful: 1. Know Your Car Of course, the first key to finding the best car lift for your Mercedes is to know your car. Keep in mind the weight as… Continue Reading »


Top 3 Updates in the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lineup

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class range will be receiving significant updates for its 2019 model year sedan, wagon, coupe and cabriolet versions. The changes include its aesthetics, tech and performance. Two new trims are also making their debut in the lineup. The sale of the new E-Class units in the U.S. will begin by fall this year. Appearance The exteriors of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan, wagon, coupe and convertible almost remain the same as their outgoing 2018 model year units, except for the addition of the 19-inch AMG wheels provided by the optional Night Package and Rear Safety Package. There are major updates in their cabins though. These include the 3-spoke… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz SA and Audi SA Troll Each Other in Twitter

Audi South Africa and Mercedes-Benz SA recently engaged in a Twitter troll war over the image here. Now, what’s wrong with this seemingly innocent picture? It shows a fleet of Mercedes vehicles and an Audi Q7 mounted with a camera equipment. It appears that the Audi is filming the autos of the three-pointed star brand. Audi fired the first shot via Twitter saying, “Spotted! @MercedesBenz_SA shooting their next TV commercial…using an Audi Q7. Looks like our friends really do believe in the #BestOrNothing.” Spotted! @MercedesBenz_SA shooting their next TV commercial…using an Audi Q7. Looks like our friends really do believe in the #BestOrNothing. — Audi South Africa (@audisouthafrica) May 16,… Continue Reading »


Famous Mercedes Tuner Brabus Gives the X-Class a Level Up

Famous Mercedes tuner Brabus just released its new tuning package for the X-Class pickup. It gives the Mercedes-Benz X-Class a power boost as well as a few enhancements in its visuals. Styling Overhaul The Brabus package of the X-Class includes a more refined fascia, added air intakes, roof-mounted lights, quadruple exhaust pipes, and 20-inch wheels. Going inside, the upholstery of the auto gets various trims in leather and Alcantara. It comes with aluminum pedals, new door sill design and Brabus badges, too. Previously, we saw Pickup Design’s take on the Mercedes X-Class. The EXY package offered by Carlex Design’s pickup truck division provides the vehicle two versions of wild external… Continue Reading »


Love your Mercedes-Benz, Choose only the Best Car Insurance for it

‘Mercedes-Benz’–the name speaks for itself. The brand has had a massive impact on the luxury car industry and market over the years. The car insurance for this luxury brand is not that easy to get. An individual invests a fortune while purchasing a Mercedes-Benz. Therefore, such an expensive item should be insured in the best possible manner. Always keep in mind that if you compromise with the insurance of your Mercedes, then you may have to pay a larger cost instead. Good Car Insurance Plan Equals Good Protection Everyone is well-acquainted with the importance and understanding of security. This is why a good Mercedes-Benz car insurance plan will always provide… Continue Reading »


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