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Mercedes-Benz NXT And Fingerprints DAO To Unveil NFT Art Collection

Mercedes-Benz NXT, the pioneering Web3 division of our favorite German luxury car manufacturer, has partnered with Fingerprints DAO, a digital art organization, to embark on an innovative journey into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This groundbreaking alliance represents a major merger between traditional art and emerging digital art, harnessing the power of blockchain technology to redefine artistic expression. The resulting project, titled “Maschine,” showcases the profound potential of this fusion, marking a new era in the art industry. The Maschine Collection: Where Art and Velocity Converge The heart of the collaboration lies in the creation of the Maschine NFT art collection, a limited edition series of 1,000 unique Ethereum-based… Continue Reading »


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