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Mercedes-Benz Museum Unveils Innovative “ON THE MOVE” Exhibition

Mercedes-Benz Museum recently announced a special exhibition called “ON THE MOVE – YOUR WAYS. YOUR DECISIONS. YOUR FUTURE.” that promises to redefine our understanding of mobility. Running from September 15, 2023, to November 17, 2024, this interactive experience invites visitors to immerse themselves in the future of transportation. A Glimpse into the Future Imagine a world where autonomous vehicles seamlessly coexist with smart e-bikes, where buses are summoned on demand, and delivery services operate around the clock. According to its latest press release, the Mercedes-Benz Museum’s latest exhibition explores this very future of mobility, offering an engaging and hands-on experience that aims to leave spectators inspired and informed. An Interactive… Continue Reading »


The Remarkable Journey Of The Mercedes-Benz O 10000 Mobile Post Office

Discover the fascinating story of the Mercedes-Benz O 10000, an extraordinary vehicle that served as a mobile post office for the Austrian Post during the mid-20th century. With its versatile design and rich history, this iconic bus played a pivotal role in transporting mail, connecting people, and leaving a lasting impression at cultural events. Let’s delve into the remarkable journey of this historical gem. A Post Office on Wheels The Mercedes-Benz O 10000, built in 1938, became an integral part of the Austrian Post’s fleet, functioning as a long-distance bus before its transformation into a mobile post office. This unique adaptation allowed the Austrian Post to offer a complete range… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG Holds Special Exhibition This Weekend

Mercedes-AMG is celebrating its founding anniversary this month. The performance division of Mercedes-Benz will dedicate all its activities in its museum this coming weekend, from October 21 to 22, to the AMG brand. The Mercedes-Benz Museum will also hold a special display of all its historic up to the present AMG vehicles starting October 20, 2017 to April 8, 2018. AMG history can be traced back to 1967. The company was founded by Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher in Burgstall an der Murr near Stuttgart. AMG means “Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach” (the birthplace of Aufrecht). From its inception, the brand has since been associated with motorsport as it was… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Museum Celebrates Anniversary With Short Films

A number of short animated films were commissioned by the Mercedes-Benz Museum to celebrate its tenth anniversary, as shown on a report from The films show a different side of the history of the well-known German brand. The videos are also appealing enough for the new generation who may not be interested in knowing how one of the biggest brand names in the world came to be. A number of comic strips were also commissioned by the luxury vehicle manufacturer in the past to pique the interest of the youth of today. It appears the films have the goal. The story of the company can be interesting enough if… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Now Selling Classic Cars Directly to Customers

Have you ever dreamed of having a classic Mercedes-Benz car? For those who are looking to buy the vintage units of the brand, Daimler announced on November 5 that the Mercedes-Benz Museum has opened its doors to collectors. All the classic cars of the three-pointed star marque belonging from all periods in its colorful history are now on sale. Interested buyers can visit the museum of the company and arrange their transactions there. The selection can also be viewed at the website set up by Mercedes at The oldest vehicle on sale and the rarest among the choices is the Mercedes-Benz 630. The car was introduced in the market… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Museum Display Iconic Mercedes-Benz C111

The Mercedes-Benz C111 is an iconic concept car produced by Mercedes-Benz nearly half a century ago. It continues to be as amazing as the day it was initially unveiled. As a tribute to the stunning concept car, the Mercedes-Benz Museum launched an exhibition showing the car that was never made available in the market, as shown on a report from When the C111 was produced in 1969, it showcased the best technology at that time from its bodywork, powertrain and chassis. The trademark gullwing doors, which were originally designed for the 300 SL, were enhanced using fiberglass reinforced plastic. The doors were attached firmly into the steel frame floor…. Continue Reading »


Forty Classic Mercedes Models Will Hit the Auction Block on July

The Mercedes-Benz Museum located in Stuttgart, Germany will house one of the most important auctions in the history of the brand. According to CTV News, the public sale at the 16,500 square meter exhibition space of the luxury brand’s own museum will be held on July 12, 2014. The sales catalog is not yet complete as of the moment, so we have no idea yet about the models which will be up for grabs, other than the 1909 Mercedes. We have no word yet on the overall value of the vehicles set to be auctioned also. What has been established by the source is the number of units to be… Continue Reading »


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